Catch up and overtake America

Catch up and overtake AmericaThere was a task: To catch up and overtake America.

What to improve in a nasty "utility", in many ways it was clear by Renegade. And America does not need to open here. Unless on the Internet, because it was there, in the United States, everything was invented long ago. Maybe not wise then: order everything from across the ocean, collect and chase? Option is possible, but very long and expensive. For example, a quadric racing frame is an oversized cargo, and it will be necessary to fork out at customs. In addition, the period of its production is from one to two months. Rather, after sitting at the computer, to spy on what and how they got there ... and repeat. Are we not able to bend metal in the same way? Or maybe not the same way, if there is a steady feeling that the Yankees have not figured out somewhere. In general, 27 self-made amplifiers and pads were welded to the standard frame, so that it would match the arrogant sports goals set before the quadric.


Suspension was ordered in the Netherlands from the company WP, which is engaged in debugging the running gear of mototechnics KTM. Sports merits of this brand are known to the whole world.We are talking about shock absorbers with three degrees of adjustment and springs with progressive characteristics. Levers did not change, because they are not bad in the state. The course of the suspension has not changed. But the factory wheels, of course, for racing is not the best option. First, they increased their diameter to 27 inches. Rubber took mark Dirtdevil-2, lugs she has a height of 44 mm. When you fly into a chascha stirred by competitors, you will appreciate the tire properties of tires. The tires became bigger, correspondingly heavier, and we didn’t want to increase the unsprung masses. Therefore, now, secondly, full-time steel stamping was replaced with lightweight and durable carbon fiber disks Hiper Racing Wheels with bedlocks. As a result, the total mass of the wheel remained almost unchanged compared with the base case.


NO HOT, NO COLD We have already noted that the Rotax V-twin 800CC athletes have long been respected. But this does not mean that everything suits them in it. For example, a standard cooling system is not capable of providing the motor with a normal thermal regime when the machine is frying to the full extent. The object of our attention is set radiator increased volume (60%) and area. There was a single row, became a two-row. Honeycombs are rare, so that sand would pass through them better.Why is the radiator not brought up as it should be seen on many quadrics prepared for competitions? Alexey Sysoyev is not a trooper, but a rally driver: deep in the mud, when the clay clogs all that is possible, he does not roll. Therefore, the radiator is left in its place. In addition, handed down upward on the front trunk, the radiator is dangerous for the pilot in case of an unsuccessful landing after a jump or coup of a quad bike. However, it is not enough to “inflate” the radiator, it is also necessary to increase the speed of fluid passing through the cooling system, do not let it stand, otherwise, like a puddle under the sun, it will heat up, heat from the overheated metal will cease to be removed - the motor will overheat. The productivity of the pump was significantly improved. Instead of a standard plastic impeller, a higher, with large blades, machined from an aluminum alloy was installed. The CNC machine programmer had to work hard, but the detail came out on sight for sore eyes. To install it, I had to mend the pump cover.


1/1 All the same, these measures to combat overheating were not enough. In addition to the liquid in the engines of sports cars, oil is also cooled.A small heat exchanger, connected by hoses to the oil pump, appeared in front of the main radiator. But here it is necessary to act wisely: too cold oil can kill a hot motor during winter races. Therefore, there is a thermostat in the system that opens at 165 ° F (74 ° C).


The trial race showed that the transformation of the “utility” into an athlete is going well, but it ended with only fourth place: the bipod was bent and made a mistake with the settings of the variator. The variator was reconfigured based on the racing experience, and the booster was milled by an amplifier, which was tightly welded with a regular part. The culture of production and thoughtfulness of a design are admired: in the modernized bipod there are executed figured apertures fixing landing places of tips of steering drafts.

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