Caucasian Shepherd - a true friend and a great guard

If you are planning to have a dog and want to get an excellent guard and a loyal friend, then pay attention to such a breed as the Caucasian Shepherd. Some of these massive dogs frighten, but if you find an approach to such an animal, he will become an assistant and a full member of the family. Help you useful tips.

The history of the breed

There are no precise data on the origin of Caucasian sheep dogs, but some cynologists and historians believe that their distant ancestors were jackals or wolves, and there are indeed external similarities with these animals. There are also versions according to which the Caucasian sheep dogs originated from the Central Asian dogs brought to the Caucasus by tribes of cattlemen.

And some believe that the direct ancestor of this breed can be a powerful and ferocious Tibetan dog. Either way, the species in question has existed for thousands of years, and its best qualities have been formed in severe weather conditions, mainly in mountainous climates.

The first written mention of a Caucasian Shepherd is supposedly dated 1121 BC, then this dog was presented as a gift to the Chinese emperor, who belonged to the Zhou dynasty. Later, the breed came to other countries, and in some of them was considered sacred. According to another version, for the first time the Caucasian Shepherd dog appeared in the seventh century BC in the state of Uratru, located in the Caucasus (in the center of modern Armenia).

In the Caucasus, these animals were used as watchdogs or hunting dogs, and for some they became real friends or family members, this is evidenced by evidence that these dogs were buried along with people. During the conquest of the Caucasus, Russia issued decrees regulating the introduction of shepherds into guard services.

Existing breed types

Cynologists divide the breed into several separate and having certain differences types, depending on the region of origin and preferential habitat.

So, the main types are:

  • The Armenian type is small in comparison with other species, and also predominantly of a monochromatic color.
  • The Georgian type is characterized by a more massive physique, considerable growth, an elongated body and long hair with a zoned color.
  • The Dagestan type is also very large, but the body is usually square and wider. Colors can be varied.
  • The Azerbaijani type is divided into two varieties: mountain and steppe. The first in terms of external characteristics resembles the Georgian type, and the second is distinguished by a square body, long limbs and strong bones.

Breed description and existing standards

The breed is characterized by characteristic external data, which include such as:

  • The growth of a dog, as a rule, is about 70-75 centimeters, the females are smaller and have a height of about 65-70 centimeters. The average weight is 50-60 kilograms.
  • Bulky and massive muzzle, blunt and tapering to the nose. Eyes deep set, somewhat obliquely set, having an oval shape and a dark color. The nose is large, black, nostrils are well developed. The ears are located on the crown, hang down, but usually stop at an early age. The forehead is wide and somewhat convex; there are weakly expressed brow arcs on it. The teeth are large, white, there are 42 of them.Scissor bite, incisors in line.
  • The neck is shorter than the head, broad and muscular, usually has a neck.
  • The back is wide and developed, the loin is short and rather convex, and ends with a fluffy tail, shaped like a sickle.
  • The skin is very dense, quite elastic. The coat is very thick, the undercoat is fluffy, which allows the animal to tolerate frosts. There are both long-haired and short-haired representatives.
  • Color can be the most diverse, there are no certain standards. So, there are red Caucasian Shepherd dogs, tiger, gray and even white. Moreover, each of these colors can be presented in a variety of shades: from the brightest to the dark.

Main character traits

Breed Caucasian Shepherd has a very difficult character. So, she has a fairly stable psyche and is characterized by relative balance, but at the same time she is stubborn, and sometimes even too persistent and stubborn, which gives a lot of problems to the owners. Such dogs have developed intelligence. They know how to think and rarely commit spontaneous rash acts or actions, on the contrary, they are able to make independent decisions.

The Caucasian Shepherd will not only become a loyal friend and full member of the family, but also an excellent guard who will constantly and vehemently guard the territory entrusted to him, constantly keeping the situation under control and not losing sight of anything. If you managed to gain trust, then in no case betray the pet, and he will answer you with devotion for life.

It is worth noting that all representatives of the breed in question are leisurely, and this feature should be taken into account when training. They treat children normally, but still it is not necessary to leave a child alone with such a strong animal, it is very dangerous. The society of other animals will also calmly transfer the Caucasian shepherd if it gets used to it from childhood.

How to care for a Caucasian Shepherd?

Care for the Caucasian Shepherd Dog is to comply with the following rules:

  • Once every three days, comb your wool with a brush with coarse bristles or a comb with frequent metal teeth. During the molting period, remove excess wool with the help of a puch daily.
  • Bathe your pet every three or four weeks or as it gets dirty. Choose suitable shampoos with a moisturizing and emollient effect.
  • As it gets dirty, clean your ears and do not allow water to enter them.
  • Growing claws cut off with a claw cutter.
  • Wipe contaminated eyes with decoction of chamomile.
  • Once a week, brush your teeth with a dog brush or offer special cleansing bones.
  • Once a month, conduct preventive treatments against ticks, fleas and other parasites.

Content Features

How to keep a Caucasian Shepherd Dog? It is believed that this is absolutely not a residential breed, and partly this is true, because this massive animal needs a lot of space for splashing energy and developing physical skills. And yet, some keep Caucasian Shepherd Dogs in apartments, and quite successfully.

If you plan to keep in a private house, then it is best to equip a separate and spacious enclosure with a warmed booth and free space for games. It is important to provide a complete overview of the entire territory so that the guard can always control it. Be sure to walk with your pet and let him frolic and run.

It is important to monitor the health of the dog, make all vaccinations on schedule and, if necessary, show the dog to the vet.


Food should be balanced, ensuring the intake of all necessary substances in the dog's body. In the diet you can include protein foods, such as meat, poultry, low-fat dairy products. You can also enter into the menu a variety of cereals, vegetables. And you can give your pet specialized food. A puppy needs about three meals a day, and an adult dog needs one or two.


The training of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog starts from a very early age, and only one person should do it, preferably a strong one. The most important thing in upbringing is to designate your superiority and show who is the boss. If this is not done on time, then the pet decides that he can dominate and begin to use it in every way, becoming a real tyrant.

It is important to teach the dog to strangers and animals so that it becomes socialized and calmly treats your surroundings and walks in crowded places. In addition, the animal should be well aware and respect all family members, although the full owner will be considered only one engaged in education. No need to rush a pet, act gradually and consistently, moving from one team to another. Let's pet time to think and rest.

Important: in no case do not yell at the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, do not force it to act, and even more so do not use physical force, this can cause protest, aggression, resentment and anger.


If you plan on breeding and breeding Caucasian Shepherd Dogs, then pick up a pair of pet, taking into account the breeding characteristics and genes. Sexual activity in females is observed twice a year, in males it persists throughout the year.

How many puppies are born to a female? From 2-3 to 15-18, but the average number is 7-9, so many newborn dogs can fully nurture.

How to choose a dog?

To acquire a Caucasian shepherd should be at an early age, and it is better with experienced breeders or in the nursery. A puppy should be quite mobile, large and curious. Carefully examine it: appreciate teeth and bite, hair, nose, eyes, ears. Well-groomed appearance and active behavior are the main indicators of quality.

If you do everything right, the Caucasian Shepherd will become your faithful friend.

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