Celandine tincture

Celandine tinctureCelandine - a very famous and affordable medicinal plant. Even in ancient times it was used for the treatment of skin diseases and toothache. Over time, scientists have found even more opportunities for the use of celandine. Today we will talk about the diseases under which you can use tincture of celandine.


Celandine is poisonous, it contains more than 20 alkaloids. For example, chelidonin is similar in composition to papaverine and morphine, and homohelidonin is a convulsive poison and a strong anesthetic. This explains why in ancient times people chewed celandine with toothache. Essential oils and a lot of ascorbic acid are also present in the celandine. In addition, there is carotene, bitterness, flavonoids, resinous substances and various organic acids.


Cattle do not eat celandine, because of it there is a strong poisoning. Calmly eating a plant can only spotty deer.


Alcohol tincture celandine. Application:


In medicine, use the whole plant completely, but most often - its terrestrial part. Dry celandine should be in the flowering period, when the concentration of nutrients is the greatest. Keep better in paper bags or canvas bags.In this form, it can persist up to three years. Apply tincture of celandine with caution. Since the product is poisonous, the dosage must be strictly adhered to. The best option is to take the tincture under medical supervision.


Particular effectiveness of celandine can be noted in the treatment of various tumors and metastases. Therefore, those who detect cancer, it is recommended to immediately begin to drink tincture. In small doses, it is almost harmless. To reduce toxicity, doctors advise to use milk along with celandine. It neutralizes the poison that is contained in this plant.


Celandine is useful for skin diseases. If you have psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, eczema, corns, warts, papillomas, be sure to try to undergo a course of treatment with celandine. Wipe the affected area with tincture three times a day for two weeks.


It helps with the disorder of the gastrointestinal tract. Due to its disinfecting effect, it fights against harmful bacteria, prevents rotting of food in the stomach, is a good antihelminthic, and also cures colon polyposis.


For cholelithiasis and diseases of the bladder, a course of treatment is prescribed, and tincture is also fighting inflammatory processes in the female reproductive system,used in the form of douching.


Purity is capable of curing bronchitis, bronchial asthma and even tuberculosis. It is also good for joint diseases, gout, and rheumatism. May slightly lower pressure.


How to take tincture of celandine?


For the treatment of each particular disease, a certain dosage of celandine tincture is prescribed. Skin diseases are smeared with a saturated solution, but they are taken orally in a less concentrated form:


  • For the treatment of the stomach, kidneys and gall bladder, dilute one teaspoon per glass of water and take it three times a day before meals;
  • For tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchitis, nine drops of tincture are diluted in 200 ml of water and taken half a glass three times a day. Drink with milk or kefir;
  • Against various malignant tumors and metastases are used in combination with calendula and nettle, 30 minutes before meals.


Tincture can be done at home on alcohol or vodka. To do this, fill the grass with alcohol or vodka, tightly close the lid and leave for two weeks in a dark place. If you cook the broth on the water, then an hour after brewing it can be consumed.To get the juice of celandine, you need to pass the fresh grass through the meat grinder, squeeze the resulting mass and strain.




Celandine is contraindicated in children, pregnant and lactating women. Not recommended for people with mental disorders, epilepsy, etc. It should be used with caution for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system and those with low blood pressure. In its pure form, it can cause burns, so for the treatment of skin diseases it should always be diluted with water.

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