Characteristic of Cancer man by zodiac sign: vulnerable hermit crab

Partners in the zodiac Cancer man

Compatibility 43%

Aries is too domineering in nature to have relations reached marriage, maximum - romantic relationships and passionate meetings.

Taurus Compatibility 76%

From this pair you will make good friends, but a successful union is possible if they make every effort for this. True, Cancer will have to answer for everything related to the family: financial support, children, etc.

Twins Compatibility 40%

The signs are completely opposite to life, and they will not have a successful union in love or in marriage.

Cancer Compatibility 33%

Their relationship will not stand the test of time, because they are too similar, they require the same from the partner - attention, care, support and cannot receive them fully.

a lion Compatibility 28%

They do not suit each other either in temperament or in life aspirations, and although it is interesting for them to communicate, the marriage will not be strong.

Libra Compatibility 19%

Although they have an interest in each other, too different characters and temperaments will not become the basis of genuine intimacy and harmonious marriage.

Capricorn Compatibility 23%

Despite strong physical attraction, they are too different in interests and needs to make a successful union.

Scorpio Compatibility 74%

In this alliance, Cancer will have to give more than receive, because the partner needs constant support. But they are very attracted to each other, so there is a chance for a strong union.

Aquarius Compatibility 40%

The unpredictability of Aquarius and the vulnerability of Cancer will not allow them to create a harmonious union.

Fish Compatibility 86%

Both are signs of Water, they well understand, complement and support each other, they are not capable of long-lasting conflicts.

Virgo Compatibility 82%

Well complement each other in many ways, take care of the partner and understand him. Harmonious union is quite real.


Compatibility 51%

They attract each other with their opposites, but have little in common, since they have different goals and desires in love and life, so there is no reason for a strong union.

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