Characteristics of men and women Virgos in the year of the Tiger

Anna Lyubimova November 29, 2017

The combination of these signs forms uncommon and extremely original personalities. Their inner world accommodates the uninhibited freedom of the Tiger and the thorough calculation of the Virgin. Moreover, the strong-willed nature of the latter is able to "include" such different qualities at the right time. As a result, both men and women Deva-Tigr can “ride” any passing wave. These real pets of fate often succeed, even in very risky undertakings.

The purposefulness and ingenuity of representatives of these signs can provide them with a dizzying career

But, even without achieving great heights in the service hierarchy, they so reasonably operate with finances that they can lead the way of life that they like more.

Tigers-Virgo easily break away from the place,love to travel, have fun with friends. Perhaps for someone it would be unsafebut the impulses of the strict Virgo always return the stagnant Tiger to the main life priorities - work, family, business partnership. And diligence and perseverance, day after day, bring us closer to achieving our goals.

All the "carriers" of these signs are endowed with a wonderful sense of humor, which perfectly complements their tact and ability to find a common language with everyone. Theydo a good job, requiring constant contact with different people, teaching and education, advocacy and other activities in which non-standard thinking and knowledge of the psychology of those around can be shown.

Characteristics of men Dev-Tigers

All the "carriers" of these signs are endowed with a wonderful sense of humor.

Characteristics of men Dev-Tigers

These gentlemen are disciplined and specific in all their plans and intentions. Their time is scheduled by the minute, and serious events are scheduled for certain dates at least six months in advance. With this virgin tigersdo not give the impression of "a man in a case", but they look like democratic intellectuals who easily enter into easy communication with both the minister and the office courier.

A large supply of vital energy allows them to work day after day, not knowing rest and respite. But it is important to know the measure, so as not to overstrain and not envy colleagues.

A Virgo guy born in the year of the Tiger always has "hidden trump cards": he can take responsibility for himself from a young age, and, having matured, often carries the burden of making crucial decisions in business, and at work, and in the family. Colleagues and relatives rely on his ability to calculate all the options for the development of events and choose the best one. itstrengthens the authority of such a person, takes him to leadership positions, and makes a cheerful character popular in any environment. A tiger could easily “get the stars from the sky”, but the careful Virgo prefers to stay closer to the ground.

Imperfections of the mark

Representatives of these signs are very jealous, and their own instinct can provoke quarrels and misunderstandings between partners. Another weakness of them is the desire to show off in front of an audience, “work for the public”, which is able to alienate serious partners. In addition, the Virgin Tigers can be so carried away by the business that they do not calculate the forces and get a nervous breakdown or physical exhaustion. To prevent this from happening, they need to find time for a good sleep and rest, eat well, spend more time in the fresh air.

Characteristics of women Dev-Tigrov

Someone such a woman may seem superficial and too focused on yourself

Characteristics of women Dev-Tigrov

To some, such a woman may seem superficial and too focused on herself. In fact, the graceful playfulness that the Virgo girl, born in the year of the Tiger, receives from a predatory cat, does not prevent her from remaining rational and consistent. Even moving from one romantic relationship to another, she does not lose her organizational talent, she succeeds in almost any type of business. A strong character helps to take any barriers and heights, and sincere sociability wins the hearts of different people, including those that are useful for business.

The Virgin-Tiger Womanvery clever and prudent, he does not take a step, not deciding in advance what he will do if the project is unsuccessful.

She is an excellent leader who knows which one of her subordinates is capable of, and therefore never sets them overwhelming tasks

She also acts rationally in her family. All households have their duties that must strictly comply.Disorder so distresses the hostess of the hearth that the husband and children of all forces try not to violate the established rules. She herself is ready, tirelessly,work for the welfare of their loved onesexpressing this love and devotion to them. Such a woman loves comfort, beautiful clothes, prestigious entertainment and is able to secure all this by her own labor.

Imperfections of the mark

Women living under the shadow of these signs often have a weak type of nervous system, and they are hot and impressionable. In unpleasant situations, emotions sometimes overwhelm the independent nature, and the traditionally seasoned lady can say too much. And her tongue is sharp: a sense of humor, plus the ability to “pry” the interlocutor, gives rivals and competitors a lot of problems, but cooled down, the balanced Maid again “builds bridges” and returns the relationship to a peaceful course.

Another disadvantage of the rational personalities of the Dev-Tigers is their predictability, which sometimes borders on boredom. In order not to bother the spouse and not to cause a yawn at old friends, theyworth more trust in othersand at least sometimes give up the desire to control everything.

Imperfections of the mark

Women who live under the shadow of these signs often have a weak type of nervous system

Love Compatibility Virgus in the Year of the Tiger

Both women and men of the Virgin Tigers are endowed with many valuable qualities, having correctly disposed of which they receive their main life prize - happy love and a strong family. Being maximalists in everything, they want to build an ideal relationship, and they usually succeed. They will not lightly approach the issue of marriage, but carefully analyze and weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen one. To the surprise of others, such a sober approach often turns out to be a win-win and becomes the basis of mutual understanding and a long marriage.

Male Dev-Tigersattract non-standard and bright persons. The chronicle of their personal life may contain hobbies of wayward beauties, but for marriage they need a strong-willed partner, who is both a person and a professional, or a balanced and kind-hearted woman, who has everything in order and always have time to look in the mirror. Fiery Aries, creative Crayfish, and homely Taurus are suitable for such men, but it is better to stay away from arrogant Sagittarius, amorphous Pisces or ever-doubting Twins.With proud Capricorn everything can turn out in case of mutual desire to save the union.

The Virgo Tiger woman knows her price and, if she does not jump out right after the prom, she will decide for a long time who is suitable for her.

In choosing a life partner, she relies on her insight, but also listens to her intuition.

The sincere softness and innate charm that the women of the Virgin Tigers hide under restraint make them very attractive in the eyes of intelligent, extraordinary men who know how to appreciate charm and sophistication.

True compatibility in love awaits them in marriage with a reliable Taurus, compatibility with a courageous Leo, a passionate Scorpion, is likely. The alliance with Aquarius will not disintegrate only under the condition that both parties wish to preserve it. Special patience will be needed in a marriage with Pisces, but even here, with due desire, everything can turn out.

Minimum compatibility
According to the eastern calendar Pig, Cat (Rabbit), Dog, Rooster, Horse Rat, Goat, Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Bull A monkey
Western calendar Virgo, Aries, Cancer, Taurus Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, Libra, Capricorn Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini

Full characterization of the child of the Virgin, born in the year of the Tiger

Such a child has a wide range of interests. In it, the desire for knowledge awakens early, and already at the age of three, the Virgo boy in the year of the Tiger may surprise his relatives and friends with a developed intellect and logic of thinking. But, focusing on the mental development of the children, parents risk losing the spiritual aspect of his upbringing.

Such children may suffer some coldness and detachment, as a result of which it is difficult for them to build relationships with their peers in preschool institutions, it is difficult for them to be at school. They need a smooth and caring atmosphere of a loving family. Then the world and those around them seem kinder to them, and the innate vigilance of such children recedes into the background.

characteristic of the child of the Virgin born in the year of the Tiger

The Virgin-Tiger is disciplined and responsible

Families in which the girl is growing up these signs, can breathe a sigh of relief. By nature, she is more emotional, freer shows good feelings for relatives. She isdisciplined and responsible. Moms and dads can not check whether the lessons are done, but they should definitely find a minute to heartily talk with their daughter so as not to lose contact with her when she becomes older.

In general, these are kind, looking to the future children.Their curiosity and ability to work bring them well-deserved praises and rewards. To avoid possible problems, they need to be taught to lead an active lifestyle, not to sit in front of the computer for hours. All of these sports counterbalance the intense secretiveness and the need for physical relaxation, save from disease and disruption.

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