Characteristics of men and women of Libra in the year of the Tiger

Natalya Boychenko November 8, 2017

People born between September 24 - October 23 in 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, and who were born in 2022, are influenced by the constellation Libra and Tigris, the animal patron of the Chinese horoscope .

These are bright, entertaining, cheerful and sociable natures.They are fans of communication among friends, where they are nourished by optimism and good mood.. All the representatives of this astrological combination tend to charm and the ability to attract others. They have a light and sociable character, which allows to achieve harmony in all life areas.

Characteristics of Libra-Tigers men

If you meet a charming, courteous man who does not act with aggression and pressure, but tries to solve problems peacefully, you have a Libra guy (in the year of the Tiger).

He exudes friendliness, he has many different friends, but even for his closest inner world remains a mystery

He rarely shares individual moments from his personal life. It's better for him to keep thoughts in mind. For the man Libra, born in the year of the Tiger, is characterized by a sense of humor, which gives him ease in communication. At the same time, he is able to remain within the bounds of decency and takes things seriously. It is important for him to be a member of various social events, to make new acquaintances. Relaxation for him comes only at the moment when he is left alone.

Having a sociable character, a man who appeared under the constellation Libra in the year of the Tiger finds his own vocation in theatrical art, commerce, banking.These men know how to charm their colleagues, bosses. They have excellent relationships with others.

It is worthwhile to understand that for a man of this astrological combination it is important to occupy a leading position. Therefore, if he gets such a chance, he will definitely take advantage of it. Working in a team, he will try to get the highest score from colleagues and superiors. It is very difficult for him to work under the guidance of a woman, but the man of Libra-Tiger will not show it with his appearance.With a commercial vein, he often earns well, spending money on the purchase of housing, quality clothing, recreation.

Characteristics of Libra-Tigers men

For the man Libra-Tiger is characterized by a sense of humor, which gives him ease of communication

He realizes his attractiveness for women. In his relationship, he dominates the partner, it can reach the complete suppression of women. Being a connoisseur of beauty, the Libra-Tiger man stops his gaze on a woman, primarily because of his beautiful appearance. And for him it is not so much the attractiveness that is important, but the effect that it produces on others. Paying attention to the exterior and ignoring the inner beauty,such a man may seek an ideal all his life, but he could not find him.

The wife will always be for this representative of the astrological combination of Libra-Tiger only the mother of the children and the mistress of the house. The role of a friend is always assigned to other people. Family for a man Libra-Tiger - the personification of a comfortable, cozy and comfortable life.

Imperfections of the mark

Characteristics of the nature of the man Libra-Tiger is distinguished by indecision, because of which he often changes his mind.To take a serious decision, it takes a long time for reflection. His weakness is not only in regular throwing, but also in touchiness.

Men of these signs tend to get the sympathy of others, and when this fails, they become depressed

Characteristics of women Libra-Tigers

For a woman, Libra-Tiger is not difficult to win the heart of the opposite sex. She is attractive, intelligent, has a cheerful disposition and the ability to keep manners. But under the sweet appearance hides a completely different nature.

Libra girl, born in the year of the Tiger, is demanding and ambitious.She will not take the second role in her pair. This is a real heartbreaker, a yoke that captivates men with its charisma and sexuality. At the same time, her real feelings are hidden deeply behind several seals. She shows diplomacy and tact and never offended her opponent intently.

Having gained the trust of others, the Libra-Tiger woman is able to achieve great heights and win the trust of the people who surround her. Due to her ability to have people, a representative of these signs of the eastern and western horoscopes is always surrounded by a wide circle of acquaintances. In fact, this is her second family. She brings friendship through years, remaining faithful to her friends.The Libra-Tiger woman quickly makes acquaintances with people, but also quickly releases them if they leave her life.

Characteristics of women Libra-Tigers

Libra girl, born in the year of the Tiger, is demanding and ambitious

In most cases, representatives of this beautiful horoscopic combination are involved in the fields of art: acting, fashion, design, music, dance, art.They feel great when at work they constantly communicate.

Ambitiousness leads the woman to leadership positions. She has every chance to become a chief specialist in almost any field. She will maintain excellent relations with her colleagues, will do her job, but if someone gets taller than her in the professional sphere, the Libra-Tiger woman will definitely take revenge.

In financial terms, it is often independent. She is capable of making money and spending it without regret.

The woman under the sign of Libra-Tiger belongs to the element of Air, so her character in the love sphere can be called windy. She will, without regret, separate families, break men's hearts. Having achieved recognition, she will quickly lose interest.Most often, she lacks the first stage of courtship and the first acquaintance with the inner world of her partner.

Possessing a bright appearance, inner strength, the Libra-Tiger woman wants to see a man next to her who must meet high requirements. Despite too high demands, there are always fans around her.

In most cases, the Libra-Tiger gets married at a more mature age. The motivation for this is the creation of family ties and the birth of children.Great love for these ladies - a fabulous dream.They live in reality, therefore material wealth and position in society is important for them. In adulthood, women under the sign of Libra, born in the year of the Tiger, become magnificent mistresses and faithful wives.

Imperfections of the mark

In most cases, Libra-Tiger gets married at a more mature age.

Imperfections of the mark

The big disadvantage of this astrological combination is the tendency to give away empty promises. It is worth noting that if a person is cute, Libra is ready to carry out any adventure. Her character is far from weak.Rather, it is despotic and leads to regular scandals and conflicts in the family.

Love compatibility Libra in the year of the Tiger

The best partner for the strong half of this horoscopic combination was born under the constellation Taurus, Aries, Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius.

Couples where the second half was born in the year of Rat, Dog, Dragon or Rabbit will have the best compatibility in love.

Men should learn to accept their half as they are. In this case, the relationship will develop harmoniously.

It is important to understand that not every woman will approach him. It is necessary that she shares his views and interests.

For a woman born under the constellation Libra in the year of the Tiger, the best partner is Aries, Capricorn, Taurus. They have great love compatibility with the second half, born in the year of the Dog, Horse, Boar, Rat.

Women choose for a long time who will be better suited to them. Searches are often delayed to mature age, when she pays attention to a presentable, financially secure man. Her relationship will become harmonious if she learns to accept her soul mate as it is.

Minimum compatibility
According to the eastern calendar Pig, Cat (Rabbit), Dog, Rooster, Horse Rat, Goat, Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Bull A monkey
Western calendar Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius Virgo, Pisces, Aries Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer

Full description of the child Libra born in the year of the Tiger

It is impossible to find a more obedient child than Libra boy (in the year of the Tiger). Parents should be preoccupied with his upbringing in advance, so that later he became independent and was able to defend his own opinion. The girl Libra, born in the year of the Tiger, already from a small age grows charming child. She will be the "soul" of any company. Only now indecision leads to the fact that it puts all the responsibility on others. Both the boy and the girl Libra-Tiger are fair to others and in every way reject the lie in all its manifestations.

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