Chauzi: description, features of the breed, the rules of keeping cats

Chauzi cat - a representative of one of the rarest breeds whose ancestor was the marsh lynx. You can buy a kitten only from a professional breeder. Animals are not particularly capricious in terms of care, but they will need to buy expensive high-quality feed. Otherwise, the cat may have problems with digestion.

Chausi cat: description and characteristics of the breed

The representatives of this breed have a long and muscular body, and the weight of adults can reach 15 kg. The coat is very dense, with a ticked color, which is an alternation of light and dark stripes on each hair. Among the distinctive features - the black tip of the tail, regardless of the main colors, as well as a clear pattern on the head and paws.

Chausi cat
Chawzi - a cat that loves to swim
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Chawzi has an amazing character - these are very kind and understanding animals. They have some features that distinguish them from other species:

  1. They prefer to live on top.So that the pet does not have to constantly climb on the table or closet, the house for him needs to be equipped on a small elevation.
  2. Need to communicate. Chauzi perfectly find a common language with other animals, and very lonely tolerate.
  3. Easy to learn. For a child, such a cat will become a true friend, because you can train it or teach interesting techniques.

Representatives of this breed are hunters who lead an active lifestyle. Leaving the pet without attention for some time, you should not be surprised to find a mess in the apartment. The animal needs space and companions for games. The best option for keeping the descendants of the marsh lynx is a private house.

Important Rules for Keeping Chausi Cats

In the description of Chausi, it is often possible to find information that such cats are very smart. It really is. Therefore, training for the pot does not take much time - the kitten quickly understands what is wanted of him. By purchasing such a pet, you need to buy a basic set for it, which includes bowls, a pot, a stove, and specialized food.

Representatives of this breed do not digest grain crops, and therefore it is necessary to carefully study the composition of the feed before purchase.Otherwise, the pet may begin serious problems with the digestive system.

Getting a kitten, you will need to organize a place for him to play, on which a scraper will be installed. Otherwise, their sharp claws very quickly spoil the furniture. It would not be superfluous to choose various toys for the lively one. The more of them, the less the pet will be bored during the absence of the owner.

Chauzi is a rare, very special breed, representatives of which are much larger than ordinary cats. At the same time, they are absolutely not capricious and practically do not require special care, they love children very much and get along well with other animals.

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