Cheerful monkey cup stand

Materials and tools:

  1. fabric (fleece) black, white, red;
  2. filler;
  3. 2 black beads
  4. 1 button;
  5. scissors, needle, colored threads.

Step 1

Cut from fleece details: from black - 2 ovals (monkey's body), 2 parts for the tail, 2 parts for the head, 2 parts of the ears; from white - 1 detail of the face of a monkey, 2 details for the ears; from red - heart.

Let's start with the head of a monkey. To 1 black part we sew a white face, then we sew a white piece to the black ear details. Sew together 2 black parts of the head (with a secret or bypass stitch), at the same time we sew the ears between the parts. We leave from below a hole for the filler. We sew beads-eyes and embroider mouth and nose. Fill the head with filler.

Now we sew the heart to one oval and sew the 2 ovals together, without forgetting to sew the head.

We sew together 2 parts of the tail, fill it with filler and graft it to the body, decorating it with a button.

Decorate the stand by tying a ribbon around your neck.The mug's support box The Merry Monkeyis ready.

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