Cherry and Chocolate Portioned Tiramisu

You will need
  • • 2 chicken eggs, but also quail allowed
  • • 50 g sugar
  • • 250 g Mascarpone
  • • 150 g Savoyardi cookies
  • • 200 ml of coffee
  • • 200 g pitted cherries (other berries can be used)
  • • 100 g chocolate or cocoa
Separate the egg whites and yolks.
Rub the yolks with sugar, and add Mascarpone to the resulting texture.
The resulting cream must be put on the bottom of the creamers, and put the cherry on top.
Quickly dip chopsticks in cold coffee, diluted as desired with wine, rum, brandy or liquor.
Put the sticks on top of the cherry.
Chocolate, previously grated on a fine grater, put on the cream.
The result of their efforts to put in the fridge and hold it for 5 hours.
Dessert ready, bon appetit!

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