Choice of flooring


The most widely known and popular flooring is linoleum over the past decades. It is used at home, in schools, government offices and offices. The durability of the material lasts about 5 years. Linoleum impose on the cork base to provide improved sound and heat insulation.

Of the advantages of linoleum, it is worth noting the ease of installation and maintenance, as well as a large selection of patterns and color variations.

Lack of linoleum is not so much, but they are quite weighty. The wear resistance of the material is quite low, which leads to defects in appearance, after a couple of years. The material includes in its composition of harmful substances that have a negative impact on human health, because of which linoleum is not placed in children's and bedrooms.


The material exists in two forms - natural and synthetic. Carpet gives the room a very cozy look, which can only please.You need to choose the material with the most dense pile, because it will extend the service life of the coating. It is worth noting that to clean this flooring will require a fairly powerful vacuum cleaner.

Advantages: large selection of colors, does not require leveling the floor, good heat and noise insulation.

Disadvantages: low wear resistance and difficulty with care.


This material is a kind of classic in the flooring. It is natural, but its cost is quite high. That is why it is considered to be elite. A good master will be able to lay parquet so that his service life will be tens of years. Parquet tiles exist in different sizes, which allows you to create unusual patterns on the floor. However, he is very afraid of water, the ingress of which causes a complete replacement of the floor covering.

Advantages: not scratched, environmentally friendly, has good thermal insulation.

Disadvantages: requires constant care (leveling, varnishing and treatment with mastic), is afraid of moisture and excessive dryness, the complexity of installation.


This material is a cross between linoleum and parquet.Its cost is lower than that of parquet, but it looks much better than linoleum. Before laying it is necessary to level the floor and make the substrate of plywood. Service life is about 10 years.

Advantages: low cost, impact resistance, durability and hygiene.

Disadvantages: some species are exposed to moisture, difficult to pack.

Jellied floor

This type of coating is known as liquid linoleum. It is characterized by evenness, brilliance and three-dimensional patterns.

Advantages: monolithic, not afraid of moisture, does not require special care, firmly engages with the floor.

Disadvantages: It is difficult to replace, for installation requires a qualified master.

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