Choose life, choose the future

Choose life, choose the futureChoose life, choose future. Salvador Dali began to draw about 4 years. However, drawing was not only a way of expression. The cult of worship from the mother led the creative idea to merge with the idea of ​​superiority and glory.


When he turned 7, he decided to become Napoleon.


"The expression of Olympic pride ... exactly corresponded to the ideal model that I chose for myself, the king."


As a talented director, the child can develop not only the outline of the script, but also the techniques that he will use in achieving his life goal.


As a child, Dali was born the idea of ​​achieving fame. Over time, he touched the thought of developing that fuel, during the combustion of which it would be possible to make a fantastic leap forward.


“Most of the people that I met, I considered only and exclusively as those whom I could use in my ambitious wanderings as porters. Almost all of these porters sooner or later exhausted themselves.Being unable to endure long marches, which I forced them to overcome at top speed under any climatic conditions, they died along the way. I took others. To bind them to serving myself, I promised them to take them wherever he went — to the final station called “glory,” which those who climb the steps higher and higher are so desperate to reach. ”


When writing a life scenario, the development of smaller details, such as the relationship to food, is important. Salvador Dali at the age of six decided that he wanted to become a cook. He remained addicted to good food all his life and was very picky about food.


Details developed in childhood by little scriptwriters are woven into the fabric of their life narrative. Often they talk about the life circumstances and problems of the child, which he faced in childhood.


Different children - different scenarios

Children with different characters create different and so dissimilar life scenarios. How important is the understanding of children's individuality for parents in the situation of several children in a family, when each of them has his own unique way of life.


How to guess the plan of nature?

How to find out among the many options of the life path that which is most perfectly tailored to the standards of the individuality of our child?


Apparently, the most important is the development in the child of the sphere of consciousness. A psychologically healthy child can audit his own resources and potentials himself, determine what is interesting for him, choose a life path ... However, great efforts are needed by parents to have their child psychologically healthy and venture on such a search.


The choice of a life scenario determines the direction in which the energy of the child should be channeled. After answering the questions “What does our child like?” And “What is suitable for his individuality, what is consonant with her?” Parents will easily answer the question “Which circles and sections will suit our child?”.


In the same way, it would be good for us to know that it does not fit our child and delineate those areas where parents should relax their demands and relax.

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