Choosing a baby: golden retriever puppies

Handsome retrievers are ideal dogs that become family members. They get on well with their children, become attached to their owners, have a calm and cheerful disposition. Adorable golden retriever puppies are a little happiness in the house. True, you first need to find "your" baby among other fluffy lumps, and then raise him properly.

How to choose a golden retriever puppy

Choosing a puppy is not easy, especially when it comes to such beautiful dogs as retrievers. Every kid seems charming, it is tempting to take the first puppy in your arms and carry it home. But this is just not worth it. Affection can fail, and instead of happiness comes disappointment.

golden retriever puppies
Golden Retriever puppies should spend a lot of time outdoors
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Pedigree - this is not important when choosing a pet. First of all, inspect the place of keeping puppies. Clean room, lack of puddles and smell are required.If babies grow up in unsanitary conditions, they are unlikely to be healthy. Be sure to ask the breeder to show the mother, the appearance of the bitch is very important. A good sign - well-groomed, lack of aggression, fear.

Tell the seller about your goal: to buy a dog for yourself, to participate in exhibitions or breeding. This is only in the photo in puppies of a golden retriever from the same litter with the same appearance. In fact, the kids are completely different in both physical condition and character. A decent breeder will definitely tell you who you need to pay attention to.

Here are the signs of a healthy animal at 1.5 months:

  • eyes clear, clear;
  • the head is wide, large, the eyes and lips have a dark outline;
  • in the mouth already have 6 incisors, 4 canines, side teeth;
  • no discharge from the ears, eyes, genitals, unpleasant smell from the mouth;
  • the stomach is not swollen, there are no bulges on the ribs;
  • the body is plump, strong, without fullness;
  • legs not crooked, confident gait, no limping;
  • wool is dense, shiny, without waves, it smells like milk, without bald spots and fleas.

A healthy puppy at 1.5 - 2 months is curious, friendly, calm. He does not shy away from people, gives hold and examine himself, not trying to bite.The baby has a passport with marks of vaccinations, anti-worms treatment.

How to care for a puppy

In order for a young retriever to grow up healthy and live a long happy life, you need to properly care for him from the first days of weaning from his mother. The rules are as follows:

  • feed correctly;
  • walk 3 hours a day, forcing to move actively;
  • daily comb, inspect for ticks and skin parasites;
  • regularly cut the claws;
  • inspect and brush teeth, ears, eyes;
  • to be taken for a visit to the vet, to put all age vaccinations;
  • bathe no more than 1-2 times a month, using only a special shampoo.

One of the most important moments is feeding. Babies in the first months of life should eat often, up to 5 times a day. They need to give and soft food, including soaked bread, porridge, and solid - pieces of meat, pelts. From 8 months the number of feedings per day is reduced to 2 times. Now in the diet should appear bones, cereals, boiled in meat broth. If you have chosen dry food for your pet, then you cannot mix it with natural food.

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