Choose the right business suit together (11 photos)

It is not for nothing that they say that they are met according to their clothes, especially this concerns important meetings, interviews, and also work in a serious office, where liberties in dressing are inadmissible.

And although now they are trying to deviate from the strict classics in the business image of a woman, there are still times when it is necessary to look simply, flawlessly, restrained, and most importantly - officially. What could be better and more correct in such a situation, a strict business suit, which ideally suits its owner? That's right, nothing!

The main thing is to always be a woman

A business suit is an amazing thing in many ways, it can hide many flaws in a woman’s figure, if necessary, make it too young - presentable and adult-looking, and, as many know, it’s much more pleasant for most people to work and talk with an experienced woman than a young woman. and green girl.

Simply put, a strict classic suit is irreplaceable; it should be present in the wardrobe of every self-respecting lady, and not in a single copy.So, with the fact that such a thing simply must be with every girl or woman, we have decided, and now let's talk about how to choose a women's business suit so that you look just amazing in it.

The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments.

What do you want to get?

Before you rush to the first jacket or skirt you like, you need to figure out the purpose for which you decided to purchase a business suit.

A very stupid point of view can sometimes be traced among girls and women: if I wrap myself in the most unattractive clothes that hang in a bag and absolutely do not allow someone to look at you like a pretty and sweet lady, then I will look serious and responsible, I will be treated with respect and due attention.

Even at work you can look sexy

Everything, just the same on the contrary, is much more pleasant for partners and bosses to communicate with a nice and well-groomed lady who can boast not only considerable intellect and high abilities, but also a good sense of taste. A business suit allows restrained accents on women's merits - at the waist, chest and hips. However, of course, everything should be in moderation.

The next important point - going to the store with such an important mission,it is better not to take with you children who will distract your attention, it is better to go alone or with someone who can help in choosing a suit.

Add bright colors

During the fitting, you should carefully consider yourself in the mirror, try on the intended business ensemble with the clothes and shoes that you plan to wear under, that is, bring high-heeled shoes and a blouse that, in your opinion, are best combined with a business style.

Be sure to try on a few models - from expensive and simpler, you can understand, templating, which manufacturer is right for you.

How to choose a fashionable business suit for women and girls

In order to look advantageous in a business suit, first of all consider the peculiarities of your figure and appearance. Tall ladies are better suited models that divide the figure in half, that is, elongated jackets or jackets, pants and skirts to the knees.

Classic is always relevant

If you have a small growth, then you, on the contrary, it is best to pay attention to the shortened versions of jackets, as well as skirts above the knees. Ladies with large and large hips need to choose models of jackets that have a length up to the middle of the thigh, so you will cover unnecessary roundness.

Also pay attention to the decor and trim of the costume, an excessive number of pockets, stripes or fasteners can visually expand the figure, the same applies to too wide sleeves.

But, the shorter and neater the collar of a jacket, the more elegant the figure will look. You can turn your attention to Chanel-style jackets that do not have a collar at all, but they fasten on buttons, which will give your figure a special charm.

You can add a little retro

Costume requirements

It is believed that a good business suit should not have any excess, rigor combined with a sense of taste - these are the basic requirements of a woman’s business suit. For example, a jacket in a business suit should be with softly marked shoulders, slightly raised to the top, but they should not be too square or triangular.

Pay attention to the cut

Sleeves usually depend on the style of the suit itself, the 3/4 variant is very convenient, especially for hot summer days.

For girls with non-standard figure, for example, too big breasts, but small pelvic part, it is necessary to pay attention to the separate sets. You may need a larger jacket than a skirt, or vice versa.

Trying on a jacket, be sure to combine it with a blouse or top, preferably a shade lighter than the tone of the jacket itself.

As you know, costumes can be trousers or skirts, there are no strict limitations on this, every woman is free to choose the option that best emphasizes its features.

Allow yourself to go crazy

The skirt in the business image must be necessarily straight cut, it can be just below the knee or midi, and shorter versions are acceptable, but still the ideal option is to the middle of the knee or two fingers below the knee.

Trousers are usually straight cut or flared from the hips. A trouser suit or a variant with a skirt can be diluted with a third element - a waistcoat, and now unusual three trousers - a jacket, a skirt and trousers - are very popular.

Light colors are welcome.

It is important to approach responsibly to the choice of fabric and the quality of the thing itself. The most suitable option is costumes made from natural fabrics, for example, thick cotton or wool. It is better, if there will be a small percentage of synthetic impurities there, such a suit and "breathe" will be good, but it will not lose its shape quickly, it will last longer with its presentable appearance.

Fully synthetic fabrics are not allowed, as well as flax options.

Pay attention to the lining - it should easily move away from the fabric, if it is literally "glued" to the jacket, it means that after a few washings it will start to move away and crumple, giving the costume a stale appearance.


Carefully look at the external components - the suit should not stick, the moment with the buttons - it's better that they are made of leather, bones or covered with fabric, plastic ones should either be replaced immediately or think about the quality of the product as a whole.

Stylish and fashionable

The seams should be perfectly flat, without openings, and buttonhole loops - without hanging threads. And finally, the most important thing is to choose the styles and colors of women's suits that suit your particular color type and image.

It is believed that the most successful colors for a business suit - is blue, brown or gray. But, despite this, always pay attention to how the fabric is combined with the color of your skin, hair and eyes, it should transform you, and not, on the contrary, spoil.

Bold and unusual

One more thing - accessories, they should be strict and discreet, if this is a belt - the leather variants with a small buckle of soothing shades would be best.As for jewelry, a small amount of jewelry is rather modest in size.

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