Christian Louboutin released Kraft paper and cardboard shoes

The symbol of the luxury of the 90s era, Christian Louboutin is still timeless and trendless. But one of these trends - to make things from unusual materials - the designers of the French brand did follow, launching a new line of shoes and Loubikraft bags. The idea was to give recycled craft paper and cardboard, in which shoes and accessories are usually packed, a second life. Well, the design of the models really turned out to be interesting: on the outside they are “dressed” in transparent plastic, and on the inside - those same cardboard and paper.

Publication from (@ 28, 2018 at 12:36 pm PDT

Of course, the iconic red sole also has not gone away. But now she can’t belong to Christian Louboutin alone: ​​in February, the designer was denied exclusive right to the main distinguishing feature of her shoe, explaining that “color cannot be considered separately from the form, and the rights to the form are not subject to protection”. Alas! True, something tells us that the real “laputenes” will not become less desirable, even from afar for them it will be possible to take the shoes of any other brand,who wished to add a red sole to his shoes.

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