Christina Aguilera wants to record a song with Britney Spears

Jimmy Kimmel loves to spin his famous guests for revelations and sensational confessions. That performer Christine Aguilera had a hard time on the show Jimmy Kimmel Live, because she was forced to talk about her main rival Britney Spears. If you forgot, in the past, the girls who came out of the Mickey Mouse Club show were at enmity - thanks in large part to the tabloids who all the time tried to oppose them to each other, like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. They both were blondes, dreamed of the glory of pop divas, and even kissed Madonna. “It hurt me that I was always compared to Britney,” admitted Christina in past interviews. “And Brit has always been an angel, all so modest and innocent.” I, on the contrary, a wild little imp, a bad girl, although it was not at all so. ”

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