Christmas toys from gypsum

Many designers love to use gypsum in their work. And not in vain. After all, gypsum is cheap enough material, and there are countless options for its use. Today we will make simple casts with New Year themes. We will need: • gypsum; • elastic container with water; >• spoon; • molds for casting. First you need to prepare all the materials. The slurry tank and the casting molds must be flexible to easily remove the plaster from them. Ideally, use soft silicone or rubber containers. However, this master class used a conventional disposable cup and plastic soap molds.
 Christmas trees made of gypsum
So, let's start: We pour a little glass into the glass with water gypsum and mix well.
 Christmas trees made of gypsum
We are striving for the consistency of liquid sour cream withoutlumps.
Christmas toys from gypsum
Some people write that the consistency should be like thick sour cream, however, the thicker the solution, the faster it hardens. You simply may not have time to pour such mass into the form or it will not fill all small parts. If you decide to cast a figure where there is a plain background and many small details, it will be rational to immediately paint the mixture in the color of the intended background and paint the small details after the figure solidifies.
 Christmas toys from gypsum
To do this, first paint it with water, then pour plaster into it. It is very convenient to use powder dyes for this, which, for example, remained after Easter. After diluting the solution, we quickly pour it into molds and almost immediately, as soon as the gypsum begins to set, but still soft, with a toothpick, or with any sharp object, we make holes on those products that you plan to hang then.
 Gypsum Christmas Toys
After complete solidification, it will be much harder to make a hole. After about 30 minutes, if the product is small,take out our castings and leave them [1.jpg] until completely dry. 2772-elochnye-igrushki-iz-gipsa.jpg "alt =" Gypsum Christmas Toys "title =" Gypsum Christmas Toys ">
The hardening time depends on the size of the product and the room temperature. After drying paint the resulting figures and cover them with varnish. You can paint any plaster product with any available paint, however, it is more convenient to make it with acrylic dyes. Christmas trees made of gypsum
 Christmas trees made of gypsum
 Christmas toys from gypsum
PS: A glass for cooking It is better not to wash the solution, but leave it until the plaster on its walls hardens. After that, you can easily remove the remnants of the solution and throw it in the trash. That's why we use an elastic glass. If you wash the leftovers in the sink, it will be clogged!

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