Church holiday on August 20



Memorial Day of Martyr Martine, who died in 260.

PREGNANT PIMEN MULTILIFE, through a grave illness, reached the Kingdom of Heaven. He was born and grew up sick. For a long time I asked my parents to take him to the Kiev-Pechersk monastery. When they brought their son there, they began to ask in prayers for his recovery. But the sufferer himself, aware of the high value of suffering, asked the Lord for the continuation of the disease, and also for his tonsure as a monk. Pimen spent many years in severe illness, so that those who served him were often left without bread and water, but he endured everything with joy. Twenty years Pimen spent in grave suffering. Three days before his death, he became healthy, indicated the place of his burial, and carried the coffin he had prepared to him in advance. On the day of Pimen's reappearance, there were three pillars of fire above the table, which passed to the top of the church. It happened in 1110. Also look at all church holidays in August and a convenient calendar, where all church holidays are distributed by months.It is convenient to watch the calendar of church holidays in August.



Pimen, a PECHNIK PECHNIK, was the abbot of the Kiev-Pechersk monastery in 1141. Abstention was such that he ate food only once a day and only in the most necessary quantity.


Signs on August 20

Pimeny-Marina - do not look for raspberries in the forest. After summer raspberries do not go to the forest. If storks are preparing to fly, autumn will be cold.

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