Cinnamon with honey for weight loss: recipes for a diet

Honey Cinnamon SlimmingUseful properties of cinnamon and honey are known from ancient times, products are widely used for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Today, the use of cinnamon with honey is not limited to therapeutic purposes, everyone who wants to actively use them to fight against extra pounds.

Cinnamon with honey for weight loss

The recipe for a slimming cinnamon and honey is very simple. To do this, you need one teaspoon of spices and two honey. Cinnamon is poured 200 ml. boiling water and infused for half an hour. When the drink has cooled slightly, honey should be added to it, but not only in boiling water, otherwise the product will lose many beneficial properties. Put the mixture in the refrigerator and let it brew until morning. Cinnamon with honey for weight loss is ready, take a drink every day for several months and see the result. The precipitate formed at the bottom is not necessary to shake up and eat.Diet with cinnamon and honey is available to everyone and has no age limit.

Kefir with cinnamon and honey: a recipe for losing weight

Fans of dairy products can try another effective recipe for weight loss - kefir with cinnamon and honey. One cup of kefir will need a teaspoon of honey and cinnamon, all ingredients should be mixed with a mixer and the slimming cocktail is ready! The drink turns sweet and pleasant to the taste, with the help of this recipe from honey and cinnamon you will lose weight with pleasure!
Cinnamon with honey and kefir for weight loss

Application of cinnamon with honey: mask for bath and sauna

Cinnamon with honey for weight loss is used not only as an ingredient in the drink, but also for wrapping masks that can be done in the sauna and sauna. You will need 20 g ground cinnamon, liquid honey, 2 tbsp. natural coffee and a few drops of essential oils. Mix honey with all the components, clean the problem areas with a scrub and apply the mixture on them, then wrap everything with cling film. Cinnamon with honey according to this recipe helps to improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, improve skin elasticity and smoothness. It is possible to do a wrapping not only in a bath or a sauna, but also in house conditions.To get a stronger effect, you can wrap yourself in a warm blanket or exercise. The course of weight loss consists of 8-10 sessions.

Despite the fact that cinnamon with honey gives quick and effective results, pregnant and lactating women suffering from hypertension and stress should refrain from this method of losing weight.honey cinnamon recipes for weight loss

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