Classic bedroom design

Originated in Antiquity and reinterpreted in the Renaissance, the classics for centuries remained one of the main styles in architecture and interior design. Unaffected by fashion volatility, it is still considered to be a kind ofstandard, the highest manifestation of culture, thanks to which, in the old days, bedroom design in the classical style was the prerogative of the highest strata of society. Today, thanks to the development of technologies for the production of materials and the manufacture of furniture, as well as a general increase in the well-being of the population, almost everyone can feel an aristocrat. But what features are inherent in this direction and how to create a bedroom decoration in a classic style?

Characteristics of a classic style in the interior

 bedroom decoration in classic style

Historically, classicism in architecture and interior design has developed on the basis of ancient (primarily Greek and Roman) traditions that received a new development with the beginning of the Renaissance.Although during its development this style experienced the influence of some other areas, such as Baroque and Rococco, it retained the followingfundamental features:

  • the predominance ofstraight linesandsimple geometric shapes, a relatively small number of decorative elements;

  • strongsymmetry, expressed in a harmonious and rational ratio of furniture elements, accessories, decoration items
  • using natural materials, such as wood, linen or silk textiles;

  • someheaviness, the use of massive pieces of furniture, restrained pomp;

  • treatment in the decor ofancient mythology, in particular bas-relief images of legendary subjects.

Although rational and strict classicism is usually opposed to the magnificent styles of Baroque and Rococo, these trends have had some influence on it, especially in terms of decor. Classics are characterized by a certain splendor, expressed in the use of expensive materials, heavy curtains with ruffles, large crystal chandeliers, etc.

bedroom design in the classical style

How to make a bedroom in a classic style

Knowledge of the features of this direction allows you to form a clear understanding of how to create a bedroom interior design in a classic style.

Furniture.In the design of a classic bedroom is better to use large furniture made of solid wood. A spacious bed with a high headboard can be supplemented with a beautiful canopy on posts placed at its corners. The interior may also include a dressing table, dresser, bedside cabinet, wardrobe. Furniture for a classic bedroom should not be built and not cabinet and fill the empty space. In most cases, it is decorated with panels, ornate ornaments, carved legs, gilded fittings, pilasters, etc. The predominant shades are white, cream, pastel colors, the color of natural wood.

a classic-style bedroom

Textiles.Beautiful bedrooms in classic style are distinguished by the use of a large number of different fabrics.The windows of the room are covered with translucent light tulle and massive curtains with lambrequin made of a material with a single color or decorated with stylized floral ornaments. For classic textiles characterized by discreet use of frills and other decorative elements, the fabric is collected in elegant beautiful folds. In addition to the window, a heavy fabric covers the bed, and a canopy is also made of it.

beautiful bedrooms in classic style

Decor.Virtually every element in the design of a classic bedroom has an aesthetic function. In addition to furniture and textiles, the walls and the ceiling of the room are also decorated with stylized vegetable stucco. Such decorative elements as pilasters and even full-fledged columns with capitals are widely used. In addition to floral ornaments, the bedroom can be decorated with full-fledged bas-reliefs on the relevant mythological theme. The function of decoration is also taken by the lamps - in the classic bedroom floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps decorated with lampshades, as well as luxurious crystal ceiling chandeliers can be used.

classic style bedroom design

Today, a bedroom in the style of "classic" - it is a realizable dream that does not require a mandatory aristocratic origin.

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