Clothing for newborns

Baby Clothing: the right choice

The choice of clothing for the new man should be taken very, very responsibly. After all, if the baby will feel uncomfortable, he will tell you about it through tears and tantrums. Hardly you want it. Therefore,baby clothesshould be made of high-quality fabrics and in size.

As a rule, young mothers are bought in advance by body, T-shirts, sliders, butchildren's knitwearquietly goes to the background. And they remember him already with a baby in his arms. To avoid unnecessary shopping with a stroller, you can easily use the services ofonline knitwear shop. Almost always in virtual stores there is much more choice of children's things of the most different designs.

When choosingclothes for newbornspay attention to such moments:

Fabric. No synthetics and other artificial fabrics! Exclusively natural material that will allow the baby’s skin to breathe, preventing the appearance of prickly hair;

Size.For newborns it is worth buying clothes a little bigger, since in the first month babies grow very actively, sometimes up to 5 cm per month. However, this does not mean that the child should "hang out" in the new knitwear or T-shirt. For example, for a height of 50 cm, you canbuy clothes56 size.

Stitches. They should be soft, so as not to rub the delicate skin of the baby. Almost all of the underwear for toddlers comes with seams to the outside;

Finishing. On children's things almost always there are any applications. Feel the clothes from the inside, whether these decorations will rub the skin of the child;

Color. Quite often bright clothes turn pale after the first wash. Try to buy clothes of calm colors, for example,Komsomol knitwear, which is certainly not “stuffed” with dangerous dyes;

Buttons (buttons, zippers). Since the baby spends the first months of its life on its back, try to buy clothes with buckles on the tummy. Drinking a button not only can push hard, but also rub the baby’s skin before irritation and pain.

Mummies of premature babies may have trouble finding clothes, since very few of these very small sizes are produced and not all manufacturers.But in this case,baby clothes knitwear(for analysis is necessary for the child.

As you can see, the rules for choosing clothes for newborns are quite simple, but they will help you avoid a number of troubles.

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