Compatibility of Virgo and Libra: criticism or optimism?

Natalya Erofeevskaya December 14, 2017

In the characters of the representatives of these two signs belonging to different elements (Virgo - Earth, Libra - Air)something common to find quite difficult. Despite the inherent sociability, pleasantness in communication, the ability to find topics for conversations in various companies, Virgo and Libra still have different attitudes towards the world and people around them - they approach to building their own world each in their own way.

Logical thinkingit is inherent in both signs. Libra has a good sense of humor and a violent fantasy, they are capable of crazy, but carefully thought-out ideas. Restraint and tranquility, poise and non-awkwardness make Virgo almost invulnerable. Both signs can be proud of upbringing and manners, accuracy in everyday life and cleanliness in relationships.

Virgo and Libra compatibility table

In love In sex Married In friendship
Average Low Low High

Compatibility of Male Virgo and Women-Libra: the pros and cons of relationships

This pair can not boast of any successful compatibility. No, even a stormy long romance is quite possible between them, but only becausethey are so different: everyone is trying to “get” from a partner what he himself lacks. The combination of the incompatible - these are the representatives of these astrological signs, but they will be together while they are interested in learning something from each other.

The unions between the male Virgo and the Libra woman are fruitful both in business relationships and in love

Are they compatible in love?

This couplecapable of open relationship: they prefer to spend time separately, only for a short time, securing themselves together. Virgo is stable, Libra is reasonable - they do not have to be afraid of mutual betrayals and betrayals. From the side it may seem that they do not really need each other at all, and there is no warm trusting relationship between them, but this is not so.

Often Libra, who are hesitant in their decisions, try to find (and find!) Support from their man, and Virgo gives her chosen one wise advice and helps to find logical connections.In turn, a man in this love relationship receives in his cold life a share of the ease and cheerfulness of Libra, calmness, the absence of hysteria and whims - what the Virgin values ​​most of all.

Do they match each other in marriage

Virgo is stable, Libra is reasonable - they do not have to fear mutual betrayal and betrayal

Man-Virgo and Libra girl in sex

The intimate relationships of this couple are like an extinct volcano: the initial surge of passion quickly changes tomismatch of temperaments in bed. The Virgo man is quite conservative, and in some cases this translates into a rather cynical attitude towards sex and a partner, which the romantic Libra-girl who craves aesthetics for intimate relationships cannot forgive him. Her constant claims to beautiful scenes with candles, exquisite compliments and caresses will eventually irritate the partner, his dissatisfaction will be expressed by caustic critical remarks, which, alas, not only do not establish at least some kind of peace under a blanket, but are also able to divorce partners in different beds.

Are they suitable for each other in marriage?

Criticism of the male Virgin, even if constructive, is capablemake marriage a real testfor Libra. Any time family relationships will last only on condition that Libra’s wife does not take her partner’s poisonous statements seriously. Undoubtedly, she should listen and draw some conclusions for herself, because most often the husband makes her observations quite justified - you just need to accept them as a trait of his character, and not special, directed only against her malware.

Let Virgo criticize: if a woman-Libra ignores this criticism and does not inflate a scandal, the marriage can be called happy in its own way.

In this family it will be a good decision ifonly Virgo will work, and housewife Libra. A man will fully provide for his family and will never reproach his spouse for parasites: he likes to take care of her and the children, but in return he will definitely want to get a clean neat house and a delicious dinner.

Is there a friendship if he is a Virgo and she is Libra?

What they undoubtedly like in friendly relations is the ease and ease of communication. Feedback about each other will sound like this:witty, interesting, dangerous. The level of intelligence of both and upbringing allows in verbal quarrels not to cross a certain line, although such relationships balance on the verge of friendship and bright flirting.Friends may even suspect for some time something more between the two. In fact, the friendship between the male Virgo and the Libra woman is an equal partnership.

Maiden-guy and Libra girl

The friendship between the male Virgo and the female Libra is an equal partnership.

How to win a man-virgin?

To my chosen onesVirgo is quite critical: as a girlfriend, he sees an organized smart young lady, self-sufficient and, importantly, well-groomed and neatly dressed. The Libra woman has all these qualities and, seemingly, the comparison with the ideal is more than close, but it was not there. The Virgo, constantly worried about something, is trying to get calm and balance from the outside, for her inner harmony is important - alas, Libra creates harmony only around her and doesn’t particularly want to reward her with others.

In addition, the very cheerful Libra should tune in to the frequent depressions of her lover: he will certainly appreciate the support of this woman, her seriousness and responsibility, predictability and the absence of surprises in the relationship.

How to get the attention of women Libra?

Knowing the price, attractive externally, sharp-tongued woman-Libra puts forward her chosen onecertain requirements: it should be a handsome and intelligent man, strong both in body and spirit, necessarily self-confident. The Virgo man will have to make certain efforts not only to win the attention of this witty beauty, but also to keep the relationship: alas, he is not at all romantic, and she is pleased to hear compliments and receive unusual gifts.

Soft and delicate, in essence, a woman born under the sign of Libra,will not tolerate hopeless relationships: if something goes wrong, she will stop noticing the Virgo's interest in herself, the communication will be broken immediately and, most likely, forever. Only the seriousness of intentions, and even the registration of relations, can restore the location of Libra. This woman seeks to create a strong and stable family, but marriage with the overly critical Virgin will become for her a difficult life test.

girl scales, guy Virgo

Libra makes certain demands to his chosen one

Horoscope compatibility Women Virgo and Male Libra

Attractive to each other psychologically and physically these two are stillnot too compatible with each other- usually in love and marriage, astrologers determine the degree of compatibility of these self-sufficient and independent people by just over 60%. Each of themneed a strong partner: The Libra man is distinguished by a mobile character, but the instability of decision-making, the Virgo woman is emotionally cold, but reasonable and serious.

They can easily complement each other in business, friendship or love relationships, if they are ready to accept a partner with all its flaws.

Love relationship

The modern free relationship between the woman of the Virgin and the man of Libra is absolutely impossible: only certain obligations will not allow the already fragile alliance to fall apart. A serious and strict Virgo does not even think of a long love affair without official registration - this is a woman whose purpose in existence is family, comfort in the house, raising children. Man-Libra gets real pleasure (and he knows how!) In winning the heart of a woman. Unfortunately, the external coldness and taunts, which the Virgin can quite let go to her beloved, are not much attracted to Libra. Such a confrontation by inertia can exist for some time, but without getting the desired from this union (love, harmony, simple human happiness), a couple, if it does not go into marriage,with a high probability will disperse.

Sexual attraction couples

Calm and rationalism, this couple will transfer to intimate relationships. Sexual union, in which he - Libra, she - Virgo,promises to be harmonious, but not passionate.The bed will not be a place for them to find out the relationship, but they will be happy to spend time in each other's arms. The woman’s natural charm of the Libra man will help her to liberate herself in an intimate relationship with a woman; her sensuality and emotionality will defuse the atmosphere and physical closeness will be brighter and richer all the time. Over time, Virgo will please her lover with an initiative, her surprises will be delicate and beautiful.

marriage union of signs

Sexual union, in which he - Libra, she - Virgo, promises to be harmonious, but not passionate


Classic perfect couplebut under certain conditionswhich will not be so easy for both. The astrologers still lay the responsibility on the success of a marriage enterprise on a Virgo woman, if she leaves constant attempts at criticism of the faithful, stops quibbling over trifles and makes caustic remarks, becomes more emotional and relaxed, then the chance for a strong family is very great.

Weights will not have to try too much: he needsjust have patienceand come up, just over and over again to extinguish the instructive mood of his lady. The husband and father are magnificent from him, and the natural charisma of this man and his love are able to gently indicate to the young lady who has gone too far in her claims that such behavior is unacceptable. Let the wife make conclusions: to force the situation further or to succumb and give in, thereby letting the world into the family.

If the couple decides to marry and live in it for more than three years, the probability of a subsequent divorce will be minimal

How are girl-girl Virgo and boy-Libra friends?

The friendship of this couple is unpredictable from the very beginning.: either they reach a full understanding, even to a love relationship and subsequent marriage, or friendships do not exist for long, gradually turning into a real hell, in which everyone tries to bite his partner more painfully. There is no strong physical or psychological attraction in this pair, so if something went wrong from the very beginning, you should not insist. Such friendship over time does not become stronger, and the relationship threatens to go into mutual hatred.

If the friendship did happen, it will only be held at the expense of the friendliness and charm of Libra and a rational view of the events and the people around the Virgin.Joint business project or common businesscan be very fruitful: these two complement each other perfectly, and therefore can literally move mountains.

How to win a man-Libra and build a relationship with him?

A cheerful and sensual Libra man sees as his darling a beautiful, elegant woman, calm, balanced, with no signs of neurasthenia or hysteria. To gain LibraVirgo should be tamed characterand give up all attempts at instructions and notations, even if the situation requires it. There is not even a well-covert pressure on this man: thanks to his intellect, he will quickly “cut through” the cunning strategy and women's tricks and resist with all his emotionality.

This manimportant to feel like a leader, self-sufficient and independent person. A Virgo woman needs only to remain a woman — soft and timid, able to ask advice and make a decision of her chosen one in time.

love compatibility

To conquer Libra, the Virgin should tame the character and abandon all attempts at instructions and notations.

Is it possible to fall in love with a woman-virgin?

First of all, a real man-Libra, knowing the critical nature of this young lady, her pedantry and pragmatism, and sometimes stinginess in money, will ask herself the question:Do I need her love at all?For the sake of the Virgin woman, he will have to rebuild his entire world and way of life. Disharmony and dissatisfaction come primarily from different habits: Virgo is a true homebody, while sociable and cheerful Libra can disappear at parties with friends, concerts, exhibitions or cinema.

Man-Libra is able to conduct a dialogue, but can he reach the cold and distant heart of the Virgin? But if the senses are destined to be, then all that could be wished for Libra in the process of conquering this Snow Queen -it is patience and composure. The ability to turn a ripening conflict into a joke, skip past the ears of the chosen one, bring the clothes and meeting place in order - the lady will gradually thaw and may even wish to reconsider something in her character for the sake of the beloved.

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