Computer addiction in adolescents: urgently take action

The presence of a computer in any, even the most poor apartment, now you will not surprise anyone. The rapid development of computer technology and the Internet has led to the fact that such a convenient thing can replace almost any pleasure and human needs: if you want, play computer games, download and watch any movies and TV shows, chat on social networks, on forums and various chat rooms, listen music, order food and clothing.

The future of our children is in danger

In other words, this relatively small machine is capable of replacing a person with almost a whole world, communication with people and any hobbies, because everything is inside the computer.

The most sad thing in this whole situation is that most people do not understand that, in addition to the advantages, ubiquitous computerization has a negative impact on human health, both physical and mental.

A large number of different games and social networks leads tothat a person becomes psychologically dependent on the computer world created in front of him, he begins to live his real life in a “different” world, where everything obeys his personal laws and rules.

Children from 11 to 18 years old are most at risk, during this period the nervous system is still too unstable, unstable, it is easily influenced.

However, there are many cases of computer addiction among adults who, because of games, throw even work and their basic responsibilities.

Adults are much worse treatable in such cases, but the children still really save and convince that they now live incorrectly.

Computer addiction in adolescents is a very big problem in modern society, which has led to tragic finals more than once.

If it may seem to someone that this is all exaggeration, then let us recall those recent cases when children came to school with pistols and shot their classmates there, or at least that Chinese girl who died of exhaustion, playing at one of the computer toys. . And this is by no means the only cases, the picture, as you see, looms far from the most favorable, what will happen next?

How does computer addiction arise?

In fact, explaining the cause of computer addiction is quite simple. Role-playing games are considered the most dangerous in this whole environment, where a child or teenager is transferred to virtual reality, in which he plays his role, has certain skills, levels of strength and skill, and the game itself is filled with serious plot, real enemies and threats.

Puzzle-type toys, on the speed of reaction, arcades do not cause such a reaction, they are, in principle, not dangerous for the human psyche. But the game in which the player sees the computer world through the eyes of his character, contributes to the loss of the connection between virtuality and reality, to pass it becomes almost the meaning of life.

But why does this happen anyway? Why is the child so “sat down” on this kind of entertainment? The opinion of psychologists on this subject is almost the same for everyone; they believe that a person is getting used to the feeling of happiness.

Computers have taken over the world

The thing is that the child during the game experiences only strong and positive emotions - the joy of victories, adrenaline, which lead to the release of a real pleasure hormone.

He causes very similar processes that take place in the head of an ordinary drug addict. By the way, it is boys who are more susceptible to computer addiction, who have more than girls, have a developed sense of leadership, rivalry and excitement.

How does a child experience gambling addiction?

If to speak a scientific language, the gaming addiction is called cyber-diction. Most often, it affects those children who lack the attention of parents, as well as the lack of communication with their peers.

Every day, more and more in the world of computer games, a child forgets how to communicate in the real world, they are more comfortable in the game, because there they can be the strongest, most powerful and unmanageable, something that you can not find among your peers. If such a process progresses, the child's unstable psyche experiences problems with self-identification, after which a split personality begins, a person begins to confuse the real and virtual world.

With the need to fight

Another symptom of gambling addiction is nervous breakdowns, anger and aggression on the part of the child, when they try to distract him from the game, he does not care about anything, and when he returns to the computer, one can observe a rise in mood and state of mind.

In addition to psychological problems, physical problems can also arise: spinal curvature, vision problems, frequent headaches and back pain. An addicted person tries to devote all his time to the game, he begins to neglect hygiene, throws household chores and responsibilities, begins to learn poorly, skips workouts and clubs, and also tries to compensate for the lack of play due to his own sleep.

All this leads to the fact that the child becomes completely alienated from the real world, he completely loses the ability to communicate with other people.

How to get rid of computer addiction?

  • The most interesting, but in this situation, the best helper is talking. Of course, one cannot do without introducing restrictions, developing a new daily diet, but all this can be done by constantly communicating with the child, explaining why now everything will be different.
  • Of course, if your child is only 10-12 years old, then he can still try to ban something, but if we are dealing with a teenager, then the prohibitions here are unlikely to work.
  • As we have said, children are mostly immersed in virtual reality due to lack of attention from their parents, they can be constantly busy at work or solving their own life worries,however, no excuse on the part of an adult can help in the treatment of computer addiction.

Surprisingly, most older children are aware of their problem, sometimes even trying to deal with it, but alone they will not work.

  • Try to take your child, organize family dinners, raids on nature and the sea, engage in sports education of your child, because when playing sports, all the same hormones of joy stand out as when playing computer games.
  • Enter a limit on computer games, for example, no more than one hour per day, and the main occupation behind it is the preparation of homework assignments and essays.
  • Set your own example, do not sit at the computer more than it should be, better take the time to your family. If you see that you can not cope on your own, then contact a psychologist for help. Pre-tune the child in a positive way, this campaign should not be a punishment for him, rather, another informative moment.

Do not worry, your case is not the first, so professionals know exactly how to work with such children.

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