Contests for the New Year for the family

Contests for the New Year for the familyThe New Year is the kindest and brightest holiday: a warm soulful atmosphere, a chiming clock, gifts, fun until the morning, fireworks. And with whom, how not with his family, to hold it? But very often having a good meal, we begin to feel sleepy. To not be bored and do not fall asleep for a second toast, prepare in advance for the family celebration. Clockwork competitions and games will cheer you up and perfectly raise the mood to everyone present.


All participants are divided into two groups. Each player receives a card with a letter. The essence of the game lies in the fact that the leader to say out loud the word that the team must build. Wins those with the fewest mistakes. You can also write cards with numbers and add, for example, 2 + 2 = 4, etc.

Oh my god what man

Women participate. Two teams are given a set for creativity: cardboard, scissors, multi-colored paper, adhesive tape, glue, paints, ribbons, balls. In short, show imagination in the choice of material.Ladies are invited with the help of available tools to create the layout of the man of their dreams. Similar entertainment can be organized for a strong half - let them in parallel create the silhouette of an ideal woman.

Dad in an interesting position

A very funny thing: for men, scotch tape large inflatable balls to the stomach. Before each of them, matches are poured on the floor — the one who first collected is the winner.

Who did not, he was late

They put New Year's masks on the table, which are one less than the participants. The host includes music, and everyone starts dancing around the table. When the music stops, you need to grab the mask and put it on yourself, who did not, he is out of the game. Then one attribute is removed, and the game continues.


Everyone wants to look into the future at least a little: write questions on one piece of paper and answer questions to others, wrap them up and put them in different boxes. One family member pulls the question, another answer, it turns out very funny and funny, but at the same time the desire to predict the fate only increases, and what if it coincides?

Contests for the New Year for the family

Guess what

Again divided into two teams. In the box leading puts some item.Players take turns trying to show what is in the box as artistically as possible. If no one guessed, then the presenter makes small hints.

Santa Claus brought us gifts

The host changes into Santa Claus costume and puts small gifts in his bag. Households are blindfolded, and they take turns pulling gifts, trying to guess what Grandfather Frost brought them.

Who is bigger

A game for adults. In two large containers poured the same amount of alcoholic beverages, everyone who wants to participate is given out tubes. Which team is the first to empty the dishes with the help of a straw will get a prize.

Contests for the New Year for the family


To put it mildly, hard fun, not for children and the faint of heart. We need two willing, each of them give out 10 clothespins. They need to pinch them on their face one by one. Who has more exposure, he gets a gift.

Braid the braid

We take a satin ribbon, cut it into 6 equal parts and tie it in three knots on top. We form 2 teams of 4 people: one holds a knot at the top, and three weave a pigtail, not letting go of their hands. It is necessary to braid the braid faster and more beautiful than the opposing team.

Contests for the New Year for the family

2015 - the year of Goats promises a positive, changes for the better, the opportunity to radically change their lives. So the expression "How you will meet the New Year, so you will spend it", as it is impossible to actual.Think about everything to the smallest detail, because it is very difficult for a big and noisy company to sit at a festive table and not give them
sad Home competitions for a family holiday will be most welcome.

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