Cooking book with your own hands

In today's Master Class, I would like to tell and show you how to make a book for cooking recipes with your own hands. Its production will not take you much time and will bring you a lot of positive emotions. This book is very convenient to use, does not take up much space, and can always be at hand. In the article you will find a detailed description and scheme for making the book. To make a book for recipes, you will need the following materials:
  • Scissors.
  • Cardboard.
  • Inscriptions for decoration.
  • Fabric.
  • Satin ribbon about 20 cm.
  • Glue glue with transparent glue.
  • PVA glue.
  • Scrap paper or any other thick paper.
Recipe book with your own hands
We start an outcast copulating cookbook in the technique of scrapbooking. to start cutting off two plates of the desired size cardboard us. You can,as I measure a rectangle with dimensions of 17 cm by 7 cm.
 Cooking book with your own hands
Next, cut off small pieces of cloth and weave cardboard. It is best to use PVA glue for this as it leaves no traces.
 Cooking book with your own hands
Then proceed to the formation of the book itself. We apply one cover to another, we look, as they will be located. We cut a small piece of fabric about 5 cm by 2 cm.
 Cooking book with your own hands
We turn the lids over and fix them with glue and a piece of cloth. In the future, we will hide all irregularities inside the book.
 Cooking book with your own hands
After that we decorate the book. Glue a few printed on a conventional printer labels. I can wish them toned.
 Cooking book with your own hands
You can glue a funny poem on the back cover.
 Cooking book with your own hands
From thick paper, I took the paper from the candy box, cut out two rectangles of a slightly smaller size and glue inside the book.

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