Corrugated Paper Snowflake

Another no less fascinating technique of creativity is corrugated paper facing. This paper is in itself an interesting material. And trimming is a kind of design. From small squares with the help of wooden thin sticks are created tubes (tortsovochki). This is the so-called art of paper twisting. Such bright tubovtsevochki can be fixed with glue or clay. This technique has several types: three-dimensional trimming or contour, planar or multi-layered. Today you will learn how to make a snowflake from corrugated paper on plasticine basis. For work you need: - any base (you can just cardboard of beautiful shape) - plasticine (it is better to take in the tone of paper) - corrugated paper of blue color (if the base of the blue shade, then paper can be taken white); - ruler and pencil simple; - scissors; - thin wooden stick (toothpick or skewer without sharp edge). materials
Use the ruler to draw the outline of a snowflake with a pencil. It can be of any shape and size. Snowflakes of an intricate design look beautiful. In the photo, this is the simplest intersection of 4 straight lines.
Now take the clay and cover with it all the lines drawn in pencil. To do this, roll it in the shape of a sausage and stick it to the cardboard. Try to keep the layer of clay high enough, because otherwise paper facing will just fall off. It is better to choose plasticine in the color of corrugated paper, so that colored unfilled places do not look through.
sculpting from the clay
Take the corrugated paper and cut three strips 1-1.5 cm wide. Unwind them all along the length.
Snowflake from corrugated paper
Cut these strips into squares. If they turn out to be 1.5x1.5 cm, then the work will look more voluminous,if 1x1 cm is a bit flat.
 Corrugated paper snowflake
Now take one small square. Put a wooden stick in its middle and wrap the edges around it with your fingers.
 Corrugated Paper Snowflake
Without removing the blank from the stick, attach it to the clay and stick it into it. Pull out the stick, the paper tube remains in the plasticine base. So keep filling in all the parts of the snowflake.
 Corrugated paper snowflake
The tighter the paper trimming will be to each other, the more magnificent the work will be. Try to fill the plasticine base not only on top of the product, but also on the sides.
 Corrugated paper snowflake
When you finish filling out all the pieces of a snowflake, then once again carefully inspect the work. If you notice empty edges or sometimes peeping clay,it is important to correct such errors so that the work is more accurate.
 Corrugated paper snowflake
This beautiful and lush snowflake is made of corrugated paper in technique "trimming".
 Corrugated Paper Snowflake
You can leave this work. Alternatively, turn this blank into a beautiful winter card, complementing it with sparkles and a poetic greeting. Or cut a snowflake along the outline, hook a thread and hang it on a Christmas tree as a toy. You can stick a magnet to it and stick it to the refrigerator.

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