Country comfort in the hallway: country style

Usually in rustic interiors dominated by natural materials, which have a somewhat coarse texture. In the hallway, you can use light wood panels with an aged surface as a wall finish - they will add a vintage touch to this design. You can also decorate the surface with brick or natural stone, glue it with wallpaper with patterns and drawings on floristic themes, paint with textured plaster.

Multi-level modern construction of plasterboard should not be used for decoration of the ceiling in the hallway in the style of country. It is more appropriate to install beams made of natural wood. On the floor, choose a parquet or massive wooden plank, lay a few nice carpet tracks. Another option is to tile the floor with terracotta-colored ceramic tiles.

For the country style is characterized by wooden furniture, painted in any light shades: light olive, beige, cream, pearl, white, blue.Give preference to simple objects with a rough shape, this will fit into the general style of the room better than modern furniture. You can place in the hallway massive dressers, consoles, hangers "semi-antique". Put a simple wooden bench, use wicker baskets for storing small items.

Do not forget about the different elements of decor that can give the interior an extra charm. Decorate the hallway with small paintings with rural landscapes, frames - always made of wood. Arrange clay pots with fresh flowers, candlesticks, beautiful vases.

Textiles with floral patterns will make a country-style hallway more homely. These can be decorative pillows on the bench, colorful paths on the floor, curtains on the windows (if they are in the hallway), curtains covering the shelves.

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