Crafting a paper lion

We make a bright, loving lion out of a cardboard roll. Many kids just love everything about the African theme. They are interested to read books and watch cartoons, where they are waiting for exotic heroes and adventures. The most beloved "African" character is the king of beasts - the lion.

He is a symbol of strength, courage, beauty and greatness. Let us and we will make our own left-handed one!

cardboard lion roll

cardboard lion roll

For making paper crafts we will need:

· Roll of cardboard left from paper towels or toilet paper

· Color double-sided paper

· Adhesive paper or yellow tape

· Felt-tip pens

· Glue

· Eyes for handicrafts

So how does a hack made out of paper?

To start and plastered with a cardboard roll of yellow paper. We can wrap it with colored yellow scotch. You can put glue on it and wrap it with a layer of ordinary colored paper.It depends on what kind of material you have at hand.

Cut out the yellow paper circle - this is the future head of the lion, the elongated rectangles are the future paws and tail of the lion. Cut out hearts from orange paper. They will make a mane of a lion and a charming tail.

First, let's start making the head. On the yellow circle we glue the hearts so that one protrudes slightly above the other. Turn the circle to the other side. On the circle with a felt-tip pen we draw the face of the lion and glue the eyes. The trick is even more spiritual, if you draw a lion's nose in the shape of a heart.

 Cutting hearts to make the mane and tail

Cutting hearts to make the mane and tail

We glue the head of the lion onto our cardboard roll.

We paste the hearts on the cut rectangles - these are the paws and tail. On the tail, you can stick a bigger heart.

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