Crafts from autumn leaves with their own hands

Fill a transparent glass vase with autumn leaves of different colors or shades of the same color. Cut a few tall twigs and place them in a vase. Sew from the remnants of the bright fabric of the birds. You can also cut them out of felt. Find the pattern on the Internet. Sew or glue them eyes-buttons, seated on the branches. Bright hand-made of autumn leaves for interior decoration with your own hands is ready.
For the next leaf crafts we will need a wide transparent glass. Stick some autumn leaves on its outer sides. This can be done with white glue. Tie the top with a string or sisal. If you put a candle inside, you get an original candlestick. But you can use it as a mini-vase for a small bouquet or a branch with berries. The baby-vase will be originally decorated by a working or computer desk.
Topiary made of autumn leaves is completely easy. For this handicraft of autumn leaves, you will need a foam ball or an oasis for artificial flowers. For a tree trunk, cut off a dry twig.In a small pot for indoor flowers, pour the plaster, put the barrel and wait until it hardens. put a ball on him. And start by turning the leaves into it. So continue until you completely fill the ball and form the crown of the tree. For additional decor, use sprigs of berries.
A collage of autumn leaves will decorate the wall of the kitchen in an original way and will be a wonderful addition to the existing autumn decor. Take a thick cardboard, piece of plywood or wood. Arrange on it a fan on the principle of layering autumn leaves. Create the crown of the future tree. Stick the leaves on the PVA glue. Put a press on top, wait a while until the leaves dry. Take a sprig and glue in place of a tree trunk. This collage is easy to do with children. They will enjoy working with pretty autumn leaves.

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