Crochet moss pattern: allows you to aesthetically combine in the product yarn of different colors, and even textures

A beautiful knitting pattern does not necessarily have to be complex and time consuming. If you want to tie a beautiful scarf, stole or pillow for yourself, pay attention to the moss pattern. The pattern allows you to create a single-color or multi-color knitting. Even a novice master can master it.

This mating allows you to make a neat dense fabric. A great option for scarves, stoles and home textiles.

The pattern is suitable for knitting from the remnants of thread. It allows you to aesthetically combine in the product yarn of different colors, and even textures.

Start knitting with a chain of air loops. Its length will be the width of your future product. The number of loops should be even. Enter the thread in the loop, skipping one.Hook a working thread and crochet the loop that was formed together with the one on the hook. Then add an air loop. The next time you enter the hook into the chain, skipping another loop. Thus, the first row is knitted.

Knit the next row in the same way, shifting the knitting by one loop so that they are stacked one above the other in a checkerboard pattern. If necessary, enter a thread of a different color, at the beginning of a new row.

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