Curved legs - how to fix this problem?

Not all nature has awarded the perfect feet. And if, for example, you can get rid of those extra pounds if you wish, then making your legs perfectly even is not as easy as you would like. And yet there are some ways.

Why are the legs crooked?

Curvature of the legs is a very common phenomenon. Some do not attach special importance to such a defect, as it is not too noticeable, others are ready for anything to correct the situation.

It's a problem for girls

In general, the arrangement of the legs relative to each other is laid in childhood, when bone and articular tissues are formed. And it is the developmental disorders of such tissues that lead to the curvature.

  • If the density of bone tissue decreases, then the bones become porous and brittle, do not withstand the load and bend. In this case we are talking about the so-called O-shaped curvature (when the ankles touch, and there is free space between the knees), it is often found in rickets.
  • If the joints do not develop as it should, then the bones can not hold together properly, the curvature occurs, often the X-shaped (the knees touch each other and the ankles do not).
  • There may also be a false curvature associated with differences in the development of muscle tissue (for example, if the calves are too thin, then there may be a lot of space between them, outwardly it will look like curvature).

What to do?

Is it possible to make the legs smooth? What to do for this? There are several ways to solve this problem, we will dwell on each one in more detail.


If the curvature is obvious and prevents you from moving, it is advisable to carry out the operation. Two options are possible:

Ilizarov apparatus. To date, the use of this unit is the most effective measure to correct the legs. The device is a set of rings with needles fixed on them. The spokes are placed directly into the bone. Rings are interconnected by special rods. By adjusting such rods (they are periodically twisted), compression or stretching of bones is performed, which allows them to normalize their position and achieve an ideal evenness.

Not all of them are slim and even


The operation is performed under general anesthesia, after a few days the patient is allowed to get up. There are risks of some complications (inflammation, broken bones, limited mobility), but it can be minimized, and the result justifies all the anguish.

If the curvature is insignificant, then plastic surgery can be performed. It lasts no more than half an hour, the risk of developing complications is minimal. There are two options. The first involves the installation of silicone implants that will increase a certain part of the lower leg and reduce the distance between the legs, which will significantly reduce the curvature.

The shape and size of the implants, as well as their location are selected individually depending on the degree and type of curvature. The second option involves the use of man's own fatty tissues (they are removed from the abdomen).

Such surgical intervention is not very traumatic, since fat cells or implants are placed inside the leg through a small incision. And the imposition of a cosmetic seam avoids scars and scars, so that virtually no trace will be left.


Some exercises are able to level the legs by working out certain muscles andincrease muscle mass in the necessary places. And in the performance of some of them joints are involved.

To maximize your workouts, consult an experienced orthopedic surgeon to assess the location of your legs and curvature and develop an individual set of exercises suitable for your particular case. But we still offer several options.

With a false curvature due to insufficient muscle development, the following exercises can be performed:

  • If there is a large space between the thighs, then you can do this: lie down on the floor, put your arms along the body, straight legs lift up. Now spread your legs apart as much as possible, try to linger in this state. You should feel the tension from the inside of your hips. When the voltage becomes maximum, return to the starting position. Repeat 20-30 times, take two or three sets.
  • To work on caviar, you can perform such an exercise: on the floor next to the wall, put a board about 8 centimeters thick. Stand on this board with the toe of your right foot, and place your left foot on your calf with your right foot (wrapped around it).Hold your hands on the wall and first rise on the sock as high as possible, then slowly lower so that the heel is at the level of the board or even slightly lower. Repeat exercise at least 20 times, follow at least two approaches.

If the shape of the legs is O-shaped, then such exercises will help:

  • Arrange your socks apart and walk around the room for 3-5 minutes.
  • Walking on the inner sides of the feet will also help.
  • Sit on the floor, bend your arms in the elbows and rest on them. Connect the legs and lift them as high as possible, then lower them.
  • Lay on one side, one hand (if you are on the right side, then the right) place under the head, and the other in front of you, you will rest on it. Raise your leg, pushing it as far as possible, hold it in that condition, then return it to its original position. Do 20-30 repetitions, then change the side.
  • Take an expander for a press (in the form of two handles for hands and one for legs). Sit on the floor, bend your legs in the deer, put your feet on the floor. Hold one handle between your knees, hold the other two, lift them. Clamping the handle with your knees, bend the legs, hold them in this state (to increase the load, simultaneously pull your arms up).

Exercises for X-shaped legs:

  • Spread your legs to the width of your shoulders and do squats in this position.
  • Walking on the outside of the feet.
  • Sit on the floor, bending your knees and joining your feet (lotus pose). Keep your knees apart as far as possible.

How to dress?

No one is insured

What to wear if a girl has crooked legs? Clothing will undoubtedly help to hide such a defect. But how to choose the right things? Here are a few options:

  • Try to choose shoes without a heel, in shoes with heels the curvature may increase, and the gait will deteriorate. The best option - boots. They will close all the bumps and hide the curvature. Combine them with short skirts or shorts.
  • Wear flared or puffed skirts below the knee length (to the middle of the calf). Also, you fit skirts in the floor or year. And short models should be worn only with boots.
  • Long dresses are ideal. It is elegant and beautiful.
  • As for the trousers, then from the tight-fitting models will have to be abandoned. But the pants "pipe", straight cut or flared to the bottom of the hip - the best options.
  • Panty hoses with a large pattern or lace patterns will distract attention. The legs will also visually make the horizontal lines more straight. But from monochrome dark pantyhose, refuse, they, on the contrary, emphasize the shortcomings.

And remember that everything is fixable.Make an effort, learn some tricks, and no one will know about your features!

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