Cushions - are they needed?

After Lancôme released Cushion, beauty bloggers and all those who care about the beauty industry rushed to buy a novelty. Result? Someone was delighted, someone did not understand what is the fundamental difference between the “mix of foundation and powder” from other cosmetics. What, in fact, are the Kushons and are they really needed?

Cushion Features

Cushion in English means "pad", so now any beauty product that has a pad or sponge is called this unusual name. If initially the cushion was only a tonal tool, now lipsticks, bronzers, blush, highlighter, shadows and pencils are being masked under it ... In short, cosmetic manufacturers (read to attract attention and create artificial excitement) make the most conventional cosmetics wrapping means in tubes with sponges soaked in tone.

Cushion manufacturers promise that, unlike other beauty products, it can provide an even and weightless coating, protect the skin from UV rays and additionally saturate it with vitamins and trace elements.Only the majority of other modern cosmetics also incorporates caring and useful components that take care of the skin from the inside, provides a dense but almost imperceptible coating, especially if the contents of the cans are applied correctly and contains SPF filters that protect the skin from harmful UV exposure. However, if a usual foundation is recommended to be applied on the primer, and shadows and lipstick on a special base for a more stable and bright effect, then there is no such problem with cushions. They do not require to prepare the skin for applying makeup - neither moisturizing creams, nor bases, nor primers, nor even powder are needed, according to reviews and manufacturers: the cushion replaces all these means, so you can save a whole car of time, which is especially important when needed leave the house in five minutes.

Tonal fluid Cushion Teint Idole Ultra Cushion, Lancôme

Tonal fluid Cushion Teint Idole Ultra Cushion, Lancôme (4 223 rub.)

Foundation in the form of a cushion Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion SPF 50, Dior

Dreamskin Perfect Skin Cushion Foundation Cushion Foundation Cream SPF 50, Dior (5,160 rubles)

Cushion Foundation Le Cushion Encre De Peau, YSL

Cushion Foundation Le Cushion Encre De Peau, YSL (5,003 rub.)

In fact, buying a cushion in the form of tonal means, lipstick, blush and eye shadow, you save a lot of space in your cosmetic bag and time for fees. Only here the tonal cushion will not be able to mask serious redness, rashes, bruises under the eyes,therefore, it will not be possible to do without the corrector, which means that this is not an all-powerful tool, as bloggers and gloss pages tell about it from their pages. Cushion hygiene is also in doubt: a lot of bacteria accumulate on the pads, and wash them will not work, as usual applicators, brushes or sponges. So what are you going to plant on your face hordes of bacteria that will adversely affect the health and beauty of the skin. True, the pads, as the manufacturers claim, have anti-bacterial impregnation, but you shouldn’t trust her much, all the more so since nothing replaces a full-fledged “shower with soap”.

The volume of the coucheon is less than the usual means, almost twice, and the price is very biting, even if there are democratic brands among the manufacturers, but not all of them can be trusted and not every such couchone can fully replace several beauty products. So you will save time, but about the money - not sure. On the other hand, you do not have to buy a lot of additional tools to do makeup, but there are also pitfalls: not every girl will want to use the cushion every day, doing the most natural makeup, sometimes you want to make yourself a real doll,camouflage all the flaws and indulge in sculpturing, so without other cosmetics just can not do.

Pure Light Cushion Cream Foundation, Yves Rocher

Pure Light, Yves Rocher Cushion Foundation Cream (1 100 rub.)

Teint Couture Cushion, Givenchy

Teint Couture Cushion, Givenchy Cushion Foundation (4,090 rubles)

Nude Magique Cushion Foundation, L'Oreal Paris

Nude Magique, L'Oreal Paris Cushion Foundation (1 140 RUB)

What is the conclusion? Experiments are great! To test such an unusual thing on yourself is really worth at least to decide for yourself whether you need a cushion or its advantages and properties are greatly overestimated.

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