Lovely flowers - petals

Every needlewoman in the house must have her work. And it’s not at all important what it is: an embroidered panel or a flower topiary - the main thing is that it inspires new masterpieces and gives positive emotions. I have such a find was one of my first works - flowers, embroidered with ribbons. For work, I used the following set of materials: ribbons of three colors 2.5 cm, one ribbon 0.5 cm; hoops; scissors; ordinary sewing thread, matching in color with ribbons;needle with a wide ear.
 next set of materials
First of all, we cut several segments of 25 centimeters from each (wide) tape. The edges are carefully melted with a cigarette lighter. This is done to ensure that in the process of embroidery and subsequent washing the edges, or rather the extreme threads, do not wear out and the flower does not melt in the hands. Then, we sew each piece with a simple thread using a usual basting stitch. For clarity,next to the already-stitched ribbon scheme.
 tape a few segments
At one end we make a strong knot, and after the other, the remaining end of the thread gently pull and tie the tape into flower.
 we tape the flower
Now, securely fasten the work done with thread and fasten (sew) the flower on the fabric to the chosen place.
 selected location

The number of colors of a color depends entirely on you and your taste.
 Number of colors
I decided that such a composition of tape would be on my canvas colors.
Number of colors
Work is almost ready. Now you can begin to fill the middle. Initially, I wanted to fill them with artificial stamens, which can be easily found on the counters of handicraft shops. But in the process, I changed my mind, giving my preference to the “French knot.” It is done like this.Thin tape is threaded into a needle.
 French knot
Then, one of the ends is bent back half a centimeter back.
 the thin ribbon is passed through
With a needle point we pierce a fold in exactly one cent, and draw the entire ribbon through a puncture until such a knot is obtained.
 thin tape is passed through
 pulling the entire tape through the puncture

I prefer to leave the second end free (as with a basting), only melt the threads a little. It is best to do this at the bottom of the flame, so that the edge remains plastic, not plastic. So, the knot. On the Internet, you can find many different nodes, but I liked this one. The thing is that it is very simple to perform, and it almost always turns out to be excellent even on the first attempt. We take out the ribbon from the center of the sewn flower.
 Cute little flowers petals
Then we put the needle totape closer to the base and wrapped around it several times.
 Cute little flowers petals
Now we make the needle puncture down with the needle, near the place where it went to the top . Carefully, gently pressing a finger, we deduce all tape on seamy side. On the front side there should be such a small nodule.
 Cute little flowers petals
Making similar nodules in all flowers.
Pretty little flowers petals
You can consider the work done. It remains only to find a suitable round frame.
 Cute little flower petals

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