Czech bike Author: model range

������The Czech company Author specializes in the production of bicycles. Due to the high quality of its products, the company has earned itself not only a name, but also customer confidence. The range of the company includes more than three hundred models. Everyone will be able to find an option for the city, highway, sports.

Excellent quality due to the competent configuration

Author produces road, mountain, cross, comfort, kids and BMX bikes. High quality is guaranteed by eminent global brands providing component parts. Shimano supplies attachments, RST supplies shock absorbers, Panaracer equips bicycles with cameras and tires, San Marco makes saddles.

Assortment for every taste

Author pays great attention to creating road bikes. Czech models are considered one of the best models of this type. Connoisseurs of high speeds can enjoy the elegant design and magnificent geometry of the frames of these bikes. The quality of the company's products is appreciated by professional athletes.On bicycles Author has repeatedly conquered the international and world championships.
Author�s mountain bikes feature a large selection of models. In the line of mountain bikes there are models for beginners who prefer a quiet ride, and for experienced athletes who love speed.
Cross models differ in convenience and multifunctionality. They are designed for driving on asphalt and dirt terrain. The most popular line of hybrid bikes Author Classic. Bikes 2013 release perfectly balanced and complemented by the ability to adjust the stiffness of the suspension fork.
People who prefer a more moderate ride will be interested in a huge selection of comfortable models. These bicycles with a light aluminum frame are distinguished by their low weight, which perfectly affects their strength and helps to overcome obstacles without any problems.
Extreme driving fans will also appreciate the Czech BMX models. Manufacturers took care of safety and created bicycles made of a highly durable alloy, which is able to withstand the large and frequent loads that are characteristic of jumps and stunts. BMX models are equipped with steel frames and are heavy.This ensures reliable movement and less wear, thereby increasing the service life.
Very popular line of children's bicycles. Manufacturers took into account the possibilities of the younger generation and created comfortable models for safe riding on all types of roads.

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