Delicious cooking dishes from the rabbit

What is useful rabbit meat, how to prepare it correctly - tips and classic recipes in the material
Rabbit dishes
Rabbit dishes

Not only valuable fur

Dietary rabbit meat is useful for everyone, especially children, nursing moms, the elderly and those who care about their figure. Despite the fact that the protein content in rabbit meat is higher than in mutton, pork and beef, there is little fat in this meat and practically no cholesterol.

It is perfectly absorbed and even recommended for people suffering from food allergies, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and hypertension. It has many vitamins and trace elements.

In addition, scientific studies have revealed that the rabbit is immune to radiation and chemical fertilizers. No wonder the rabbit meat is advised to those who work in hazardous industries or live in ecologically unfavorable areas.

How to choose

Rabbit rabbit is rarely tough. Just need to be able to choose a rabbit: the young animal carcass is pink and white, rather elastic, weighing less than a kilogram (if more, chewing it will be difficult).

How to butcher

The rabbit carcass is divided into 6-8 parts: two hind legs with hips, two front legs with hangers and two or four pieces of a saddle are the most tender meat. The back, where there is less connective tissue, most often goes on frying, the front is better to boil or extinguish. And you can bake and whole, if together with the baking sheet wrap with foil.

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