Design of a narrow corridor in a typical apartment

The corridor is the first room that you and your guests see when entering the apartment. And the requirements for this room are quite high: beauty, comfort, a certain functional load. But, unfortunately, in our apartments the corridors for the most part are narrow, long and inconvenient. In addition, they have no sources of natural light. But if you set a goal, then these problems are completely solvable. The main thing is to think over the details of the design and use a few simple rules.

To visually expand the corridor space for wall and floor decoration, choose wallpaper, tile or linoleum of light colors, but take on different shades. The tone of the ceiling should be lighter than the walls. Lay the floor tile diagonally, and choose linoleum with a diagonal or transverse pattern. Use mirrors in the interior, you can also use glass. Hang a few lamps, the light of which will be directed sideways or upwards.As a rule, from the corridor many doors lead to other rooms. If possible, replace the doors with wide openings or decorative arches (living room, kitchen).

The furniture must be functional and comply with the design of the corridor. Use non-deep cabinets with open shelves or wardrobes. For a very small corridor fit a simple hanger. As for shoes, shoe cabinets are perfect here. A great option for a narrow corridor - a wardrobe-slim. It is quite capacious and compact. Its width does not exceed 30 cm. Provide places for storing keys, umbrellas, bags, hats. With a wide choice of modern furniture is not difficult. Do not clutter the hallway with extra furniture, just everything you need.

With the right approach to the design, the interior of even a very small and narrow hallway can be made cozy, spacious and functional.

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