Dessert meringue with raspberry-coconut cream

You will need
  • For four servings:
  • - 500 g of raspberries;
  • - 300 ml of heavy cream;
  • - 130 g of powdered sugar;
  • - 4 tbsp. spoons of coconut shavings;
  • - 2 protein;
  • - lemon juice.
Beat fresh egg whites with a few drops of lemon juice. Gradually add the icing sugar, whipping the mass until strong peaks and luster are formed. The mass should be so strong that you can cut it with a knife.
Shake whipped proteins in a pastry bag with any nozzle. Seed on a baking sheet, covered with parchment, strips of 10 centimeters in length. Get about 16 strips of the resulting amount of mass.
Dry these strips for 3-4 hours in an oven heated to 60 degrees. Do not close the oven to the end, insert something into the gap so that it does not close. The meringue sticks should not darken, they should remain white. Remove the finished meringue sticks from the oven and cool them completely.
Sort and rinse fresh raspberries.Remember the fork 2/3 of the raspberry, but wrinkle is not up to the state of porridge! Crumble 4 meringue sticks. Cream 33% fat thoroughly whisk. Add to the cream coconut chips, crushed meringue and crumpled raspberries, gently stir with a spoon movements from the bottom up.
Spread the resulting mass in four dessert plates. Put three meringue sticks around each hill a little under the slope, pressing them down to the cream. Decorate the dessert with the remaining raspberry berries.
Serve the dessert meringue with raspberry-coconut cream immediately. Next time you can try making this delicacy with other berries.

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