Do-it-yourself motanka doll: master class

The motanka doll with our own hands is a master class with a step-by-step photo. Since ancient times, the motanka doll has been considered a very strong talisman for children and adults. People believed that the pupa could protect a person and help him in difficult life situations. A motanka doll is a doll made of rags and ropes without using a needle with a thread.

 Motanka doll with your own hands: master class

Motanka doll with your own hands: master class

Doll motanka do it yourself step by step:

We make fabric blanks in advance. Cutting out:

  • two white calico print rectangles 20x25 cm and 20x30cm in size;
  • one red calico isosceles triangle with a base of 30cm and a side length of 20 cm;
  • one red calico or knitted circle with a diameter of 20 cm;
  • two calico circles of different colors with a diameter of 17 cm and 25 cm.

When cutting, it is desirable to use scissors with a zigzag edge.

Also,we prepare:

  • white and red thread;
  • cotton;
  • scissors;
  • a piece of lace.
  • How to make a motanka doll with your own hands?

     Workpiece sizes

    Workpiece sizes

    The smaller white rectangle is neatly folded into a tube, trying to make it as tight as possible. Fix the tube with white threads.

     White rag for the base of the pupa

    White rag for the base of the pupa

    Roll the tube tightly.

    Roll up the tube

    Roll up the tube

    Take a ball of cotton or foam rubber.

    A lump of wool or foam rubber

    A lump of cotton wool or foam rubber

    One of the ends of this pipe can be wadded with a lump of cotton wool with the same white thread.

    Put on cotton

    Put on cotton

    The main blank is obtained.

    We take pre-prepared fragments of colored fabrics.

    Fabric for the dress of the pupa

    Fabric for the dress pupae

    Put the workpiece on the wrong side of the largest variegated circle so that the cotton wool gets directly into its center.

    We wrap a cotton ball with a round cloth

    Wrap a cotton ball with a round cloth

    Wrap the central part of the circle around a ball of cotton wool, fix it with threads.

    Tying the ball with string

    We tie a ball with a string

    It turns out the silhouette of a pupa.

     Silhouette of the pupa

    Silhouette of the pupa

    In the same way, we put the rest of the circles on the workpiece, first larger and then smaller.

     wrapping with another cloth

    obmat We get another cloth

    We get a multi-layered figure, based on our first workpiece.

    And another

    And one more

    Over the circles, we put a larger white rectangular piece of cloth on the doll (30X20cm).Just as when putting on the circles, we combine its center with the “head” of the doll, we wind it with white threads.

     We fix the rectangular fabric

    We fix the rectangular fabric

    The edges of the rectangle are tied with a red thread, thus forming hands.

     We tied with red thread handles

    We tied with red thread handles

    We decorate the head of our pupa with lace prepared in advance.


    We tie or neatly sew the ribbon

    Tying or neatly stitching the ribbon

    The doll is almost ready! It is possible to leave our beauty like this, and you can go even further by complicating the outfit.

    To do this, we take a red triangle prepared in advance and put it on the head of the pupa, like a kerchief.

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