Do not try to repeat: beauty hacks that do not work

Beauty bloggers and makeup gurus do not live in peace ... Every day they come up with tips that should make our lives easier and speed up the process of creating beauty. Only here some life hacks are not only strange, they also work so-so. We offer to look at the most useless of them, for which you definitely do not need to waste your time.

Sock or sponge for washing dishes instead of makeup sponge

Do not try to repeat: beauty hacks that do not work

When there is no sponge, brush or beauty blender on hand, why not use the usual sock or sponge, which was invented for washing dishes, resourceful girls who call themselves beauty bloggers on YouTube and Instagram advise. A bold idea, but in reality it will not work. With the help of a sock (we hope that we used pure ones for the video), it will not be possible to put an even tone - the tonal cream rolls and clogs up in folds. As for the sponge for washing dishes - this is a barbaric idea. From whatever side you look, the surface of this kitchen accessory is tough, so erase the skin, leaving irritation, as nothing to do.So, if there is no sponge or brush at hand, it is better to use your fingers - so the tone will lie flat, you will not scratch your skin and you will not spoil your socks.

Marker instead of eyeliner

Do not try to repeat: beauty hacks that do not work

In an interview, Taylor Swift admitted that she uses a regular marker instead of an eyeliner, so her arrows are always so bright and not smeared ... The bloggers liked the idea, they decided to try it on themselves, and at the same time encourage others to do it. What is the result? Yes, the arrows may have turned out really bright, except that all the markers on alcohol and dyes with chemicals in them are so strong that the delicate skin of the eyelids suffers a lot. Not only can their use cause irritation, it can also provoke the occurrence of conjunctivitis or barley. Add to this the fact that the marker is very eats into the skin and it will be very difficult to wash it off, and you will get an “ideal” tool that you definitely shouldn't use for makeup.

Pens for lip contour

Read the previous paragraph - the essence does not change.

Oreo Cookies Mascara

Do not try to repeat: beauty hacks that do not work

In 2015, the popular American beauty blogger Katherine Ward made a real breakthrough in makeup, which many can not forget until now.She came up with a recipe for her own mascara, and this tool consisted of ... Oreo cookies, a primer and warm water. Over the question "Why did she do this?" Many puzzled so far. Some say that the girl’s mascara is over and there was no money for a new one, but this option can be immediately swept aside, since the cost of the materials is clearly not 100 rubles and is comparable to the price of a more or less good mascara. The latter believe that Katherine was just boring, so she decided to entertain herself with this experiment, and at the same time her subscribers. One way or another, we do not recommend repeating a beauty hack: spend a lot of time creating a “mascara”, it doesn’t match the effect and durability with a full-fledged cosmetic product, but the most important thing: to get an infection and damage the cornea with a piece of biscuit - nothing better to do.

Cocoa powder instead of tanning

Do not try to repeat: beauty hacks that do not work

On the Internet you can find such an interesting beauty hack: mix butter or body lotion with cocoa powder, from which a fragrant drink is made. To have a more or less noticeable result, you will have to apply homemade tanning in several layers. “So what?” - you think.Unlike industrial tanning, homemade stripes will go shortly after application, moreover, it practically does not keep on the skin. The same will be with self-tanning from hard-boiled coffee or black tea. You should not even try - everything has already been tested a thousand times before you, and a miracle will not happen, believe me.

Red lipstick from dark circles under the eyes

No matter how hard the bloggers try to convince everyone around that such a beauty hack works, this is not so. Generously plastered under the eyes of lipstick looks frightening. And even a thick layer of foundation does not save the situation - the bruises just turn pink and not disappear. So using a blue or yellow concealer will be much easier and more effective.

Rinse the dried mucus with soda

Do not try to repeat: beauty hacks that do not work

One of the beauty bloggers invented to dilute dried mucus with soda water. Naturally, it will soften, and you can even make up your eyelashes. Only then the next day the mascara will wither again, and the reanimating actions will have to be repeated again. Dilute again - it will be possible to paint again, and so on until nothing remains of the paint in the tube. However,the formula of mascara from such a sparkling shake will change, so your eyelashes will look awful - stuck together, not half painted; in a few hours the mascara will crumble, and from the slightest contact with water the makeup will flow. It's easier to buy a new cosmetic product and not be engaged in nonsense.

Liquid for removing varnish from vinegar and lemon

Do not try to repeat: beauty hacks that do not work

If suddenly you urgently need to remove the varnish from the nails, and there was no special liquid on hand, beauty bloggers are advised to make their own from vinegar and lemon juice. Just need to mix them in equal proportions and wipe off the varnish. Voila ... and nothing will happen! At all! Yes, maybe the lacquer will brighten a little, but the final goal was different, and we will not be satisfied with small, especially if the good part of the coating has broken off and the nails look as if you have been working hard.

Cream and liquid shadows instead of lipstick

We all love to experiment and invent the appointment of things for which they are not intended. It happened with red lipstick and dark circles, which we described above, and with cream shadows, which, according to beauty bloggers, you can easily replace lipstick.Is it true? Absolutely not! Shadows on the lips do not hold, become clogged in cracks and strongly dry the delicate skin of the mouth. Do not believe it - try it yourself and see for yourself.

Flour instead of powder

Do not try to repeat: beauty hacks that do not work

Flour, baby powder, talc, starch - all this should be used for its intended purpose, but not as a replacement for face powder. These products will not fit the skin tone at all, so the face will be white-white, like Marfushenka’s in the fairy tale “Frost” or Bella Swan from “Twilight”, but this is forgivable - she in fact marked herself as a vampire girlfriend. Add red lipstick under your eyes to this image, beets instead of blush, a marker instead of a pencil for eyes and a shadow instead of lip gloss - you can safely go to the streets of the night city to frighten people with your crazy look. In addition, the consistency of powder and the above ingredients is very different, so when wet or wet, the cosmetic does not roll down, which can not be said about its natural replacement. And most importantly, flour, baby powder, talc and starch will not make the matt skin and will not absorb excess fat, so there is no sense in using them at all.

Cornmeal instead of dry shampoo

Dry shampoo - a real wand-zashchalochka, when you need to quickly "wash" the head, but there is no time for it. Only the choice of a really good product is not easy. A poor-quality dry shampoo not only does not create the effect of clean hair, it also forms "dandruff" on them. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart. Now imagine on the spot even the worst dry shampoo corn flour. Firstly, you can’t calculate its quantity correctly, so your hair will have just a lot of flour that will not absorb dirt and grease, therefore, your hair will not be cleaner. Secondly, the flour will imitate dandruff. Thirdly, the hair to the touch will be unpleasant. In general, the experiment failed. It is better to walk with a dirty head than with flour in your hair.

Matt polish from starch

Beauty hack reads: add a little starch to any of your lacquers, mix thoroughly and paint the resulting nails. The result should strike you: nails will be matte ... or not? Rather, the second, because the nails will simply be rough, with incomprehensible inclusions, which will be unevenly distributed over the plate.It looks all together as if you have spared money for a good varnish, diluted the old with acetone and, not sparing your marigolds, generously made them up. Plus, such a coating will be very short-lived: by the evening it will begin to split off, no matter what supertop will be imposed on top.

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