Does sex hurt pregnancy?

Sex and pregnancy

Usually in the first trimester of pregnancy, sex life is somewhat worse. Hormonal changes occurring in a woman's body change her state of health and mood. Dizziness, low blood pressure, toxicosis, drowsiness have a negative effect on sexual desire. Nevertheless, sex during this period contributes to obtaining positive emotions, so necessary for a woman.
In the second trimester, most women feel better, their libido increases. The stomach during this period is still small, so the parents have no fear because of the possibility of harming the child. Having sex brings different impressions due to hormonal and physiological changes. Sometimes a woman gets a full orgasm only while carrying a child.
In the third trimester, due to an enlarged abdomen, parents appear to think that they can harm the baby during sex.In this case, it is more of a psychological moment. Pregnancy and sex are compatible in the absence of contraindications and the observance of 2 rules: postures must be comfortable and movements must be neat.

Contraindications for sex during pregnancy

There are several contraindications for limiting sexual intercourse: hypertonicity of the uterus, sexually transmitted infections found in one of the partners, inflammation of the genital organs in one of the partners, the threat of miscarriage, recurrent miscarriage of pregnancy, preterm birth in history, multiple pregnancy, previa or low attachment of the placenta. In these cases, it is necessary to undergo treatment before resuming sexual life. With multiple pregnancies, sex can be, but movements must be very careful.

Some facts about sex during pregnancy

To achieve orgasm during this period, a woman becomes much easier. Contributes to this increase in blood flow in the genitals, which leads to an increase in their sensitivity. Hormones released during sex have a positive effect on the nervous and endocrine system of the expectant mother. Orgasm can not cause premature birth, if there is no predisposition to it.With the threat of interruption of sex is better not to do. Sex toys (dildos) are not recommended, they can damage the vaginal and cervical mucosa. Oral sex during pregnancy is allowed, but in the absence of a partner manifestations of herpes. This form of the disease is not as dangerous as genital herpes, but the risk of infection of the fetus is still present.

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