Dremel Crystal Light Bar

From the standard massive chandeliers of crystal blows antiquity and boredom. In addition, they are difficult to install, difficult to wash, they require a large amount of electricity. Why notdecorate the house with a crystal light bar in a minimalist style? With it, the house will be filled with a gentle flickering glow, and thanks to the battery-powered LEDs you don’t have to worry about electricity bills.

Materials and tools:

  1. chrome rail (length –90mm,diameter–40mm);
  2. 2 chrome plugs;
  3. 4 white super-bright LEDs;
  4. 4 LED holders;
  5. 6 R2 resistors;
  6. battery compartment;
  7. 4 AA batteries;
  8. 30 brass clips;
  9. signal wire (length –2meters);
  10. 1 miniature switch;
  11. wire rope;
  12. 4 wire rope stoppers;
  13. ceiling mounts;
  14. masking tape.
  15. Dremel 8200 with SpeedClic SC402 holder and cutting wheel for metal SC456;
  16. Dremel VersaTip with solder tip 201;
  17. Dremel 628 precision drill set;
  18. punch.

Step 1

We take the chrome-plated handrail and glue it over with masking tape. This will help protect the material from damage and allow you to mark for further work. We draw a longitudinal line along the entire length of the rail with a soft pencil. We divide the line into 5 equal parts, marking their borders with dots. Later in their place will be placed LEDs. Step back 20 mm from the line of LEDs on each side and draw 2 lines parallel to it. Crystal pendants will be fixed along them later.

Step 2

We make indentations in the aluminum handrail with the help of a center punch - this is necessary so that the drill bit does not slide off the marked points. Then at the same points drill guide holes. To do this, use the Dremel 8200 with a Dremel 1.6 mm drill bit from a set of precision drills (628). The diameter of the holes must be equal to 8 mm. Now we divide the parallel lines made into 5 equal segments. In each of these intervals, we need to make three holes at a distance of 1.6 mm from each other. Decide which of the lines will be the top. We mark one point at 20 mm from the ends of the rail on it - later a wire cable will be held through them for hanging the bar.

Step 3

Use the wiring diagram included in the LED package. Focusing on the instructions, conduct the wires to the workpiece. Remember that you need to leave a sufficient supply of length of wires - so it will be easier to solder them outside of the rail and isolate them inside it. To do this, use the Dremel VersaTip with a soldering nozzle 201. Solder the power lines of the LEDs to the battery compartment, the switch and the resistors. Let's draw two additional lines from the positive power supply field of the battery to the LEDs through the resistors. We connect each pair of LEDs to the negative pole of the battery power through the switch.

Step 4

Isolate the exposed parts of the wiring and leads of the LEDs. Insert the light sources into the appropriate holders, and the wires - inside the tube. We try to be careful not to damage the electrical insulation of the wires. Insert the holders of the LEDs into the holes intended for them.

Step 5

Take one of the stubs. We drill a hole in it for a miniature circuit breaker. Using the Dremel 8200 and drills from the Dremel kit (628). The optimum hole diameter for this purpose is 3.2 mm.Set the switch. Now we conduct wire ropes through the holes at the ends of the handrail. Determine how long they will be. In this case, you must take into account the height of the ceilings and the desired location of your lamp. Fix the cable stoppers, place their ends in the ceiling mounts and fix them with the remaining stoppers. We have the upper half of the ceiling mounts at a distance of 860 mm. Attach them to the ceiling. We fasten the lower parts of the fasteners to them.

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