Dress for prom: looking for the perfect

Evening dresses at the prom

Ball gowns gave way to concise, but spectacular options - cases with fish skirt or asymmetrical sleeves. Such evening dresses even the most modest girl will turn into the queen of the evening. The choice of colors is also important: saturated blue, emerald, fuchsia, coral, yellow - that’s what you need.

Marc Ellis Dress

Marc Ellis Dress (11 611 rub.)

Dress Lauren Ralph Lauren

Dress Lauren Ralph Lauren (14 003 rub.)

Silk dresses fluttering in the wind are classics of evening fashion. In this case, you can choose not a monophonic version, but with a print - a flower, in small peas, degradation or in a multicolored strip. From the decor are popular volumetric applications. But velvet dresses - the hit of evening fashion in recent years - will make you older. If you do not want to achieve this effect, it is better to choose something else.

Dress Needle & Thread

Needle & Thread Dress (£ 355)

Mango dress

Dress Mango (9 999 rub.)

A dress with a fluffy skirt that looks like a tutu of a ballerina or a skirt of a Disney princess is an alternative to an evening dress along the floor. It is less formal, emphasizes youth and looks more audacious - what you need, if on a festive evening you want to look like a fatal beauty and a charming princess at the same time.Decorate with evening accents - large earrings, bracelet, necklace or tiara.

Bella Potemkina Dress

Bella Potemkina dress (16 142 rub.)

Topshop Dress

Topshop Dress (£ 70)

Cocktail dresses at the prom

Cocktail dress - perfect for the official part or a fun party at the informal. This year in a trend dress knee length or midi. But this does not mean that you risk turning into a gray mouse. In the course are decorative elements: sequins, applications with glass beads and beads, floral embroidery, lace, delicate feathering, pleating, fringe, flounces, Basque - which are responsible for the degree of elegance.

Mango dress

Dress Mango (2 999 rub.)

Zara dress

Zara Dress (5 599 rub.)

When choosing a cocktail dress, bet on color: the pastel shades are the most advantageous. Gently-lilac, menthol, marshmallow-pink, peach, gently-lemon - the most popular. A white cocktail dress is also an option. Other popular colors include shades of precious metals.

Dress Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait Dress (€ 263)

Raey dress

Raey Dress (€ 358)

5 valuable tips stylist

1. Do not look for compromises. Dress for graduation is a beautiful evening or cocktail dress, and not a smart summer dress, which you then take on the next vacation.Overalls and trouser suits that are relevant in this season, in which celebrities often appear on the red carpet of status events, are not the best choice either - you will regret not wearing a dress.

2. Eyes scatter from the choice - study the photos of celebrities and take as your basis the image you like, see what shoes, bag, jewelry your role model chose to be published.

3. Dress must emphasize your personality. On an exemplary pupil, a semitransparent robe, like that of a pop singer, will cause bewilderment to others, but a translucent lacy on a bodily basis will be much more appropriate.

4. The perfect fit is the key to a spectacular look. Buy a dress in advance so that it can be sewn or hemmed if necessary.

5. Supermini, a fully transparent dress, worn on the underwear, neckline, from which the chest falls out, and other extreme options - not the best choice for the first publication.

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