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Eastern astrology celebrates years in 12-year cycles. A certain animal corresponds to each year. It is believed that it gives a person born in this year, certain traits. Before determining what year you were born, note that the new year according to the eastern calendar falls on different dates between January 21 and February 20. Each year corresponds to a certain color, which changes over time. Those people who, according to the number of birth, belong to one year of the animal cycle, and year to another, should consider their horoscope according to the name of the year when they were born, and also take into account the influence of the subsequent animal on their character and destiny. The photo shows the eastern calendar of the animal cycle.Interesting siteprepared the sequence and description for each animal in the calendar.


Year of the Rat (Mouse)


Externally attractive.Purposeful, hardworking, seeking to acquire property. Accurate to pedantry. They are thrifty. Generous with those they love. Easily fall into anger, but retain external composure. Trifling, ambitious. Basically, they succeed and achieve their goals. Usually honest, open, but many of them are not averse to gossip.


Year of the Bull


The Eastern calendar states that the Bull is a symbol of work, family, homeland. He is hardworking, loves solitude, does not tolerate change, is extraordinarily faithful both in deeds and in friendship and in love. If the Bull fails to understand that not all people think the same way as he does, unfortunate old age awaits him.


Year of the Tiger


Sensitive. Energetic. Tend to think. They are irritable. Mostly respected, but often come into conflict with elders and superiors. Decisions are appreciated, but often too late. Suspicious and selfish. Strong, courageous people. Usually leaders, revolutionaries.


 Kota Year


The cat (Rabbit), in the eastern calendar, is a symbol of a calm person. Cats are modest, benevolent, reserved, moderately gifted and all are pleasant. Cats often have a refined taste, they love society, they are always welcome in their favor. Cats successfully make a career in economics, law and politics.Female Cats are flirtatious, able to study any object with the sole purpose of showing off.


Year of the Dragon


The dragon in the eastern calendar - embodies health, strength, activity. He is strong-willed, enduring, generous, intelligent, influential. The dragon is always a winner. In love he is often loved, but he himself rarely likes. A special success is enjoyed by female dragons. The dragon brings four well-being: wealth, virtue, harmony and longevity. 


The Year of the Snake


Negligent. From birth wise. Their financial affairs are always wonderful. Often they are vain, selfish. Rely more on themselves. Decisive and purposeful. Deeply experiencing their failures. Outwardly calm, but the nature is passionate. Outwardly, such people are attractive, which often leads to family complications.


Year of the Horse


The Eastern animal calendar says that the Horse symbolizes an honest man. Horses are often popular, they are charming, they know how to manage the crowd, they keep confidently. The horse can be angry and wild, but sometimes it can hide a lot to succeed. She is selfish, can trample any rivals, is self-centered and has little interest in other people's feelings and deeds.


Year of Sheep (Goats)


They have abilities in the field of fine arts, so they think according to the eastern animal calendar. Often shy, prone to pessimism. Helpless before life. Capricious. Appreciate the convenience. Have a good taste. Love their job. Reasonable and virtuous. Basically financially secure. Goats are able to like, but they do not have real independence, they are subject to the environment, the environment. Goats have no sense of responsibility, initiative, and independent will. Their life depends on luck, on external influences, on the quality of grass in the meadow. From the people of this sign are obtained writers, artists, as well as courtesans.


Year of the Monkey

Monkeys on the eastern calendar are beautiful, eccentric. They are able to like others in their manners. The first half of life is full of frivolous actions, for which you sometimes have to pay off in your old age by loneliness. Hardworking Make decisions quickly. It seems to others that everything is given to Monkeys easily and effortlessly. In love, Monkeys are often unhappy, although there are always a dozen fans around them. Intolerant to others' shortcomings, but try to hide it.



Year of the Rooster


The rooster in the eastern calendar is a sign of fanfare. He takes everything seriously and loves praise. He likes to be noticed, original in clothes and manners, but conservative in his heart. Incredulous, counting on himself. Often looks like an adventurer. Brave and straight. In love, lucky. Rooster women love the company of friends, women’s professions.


 Year of the Dog


Are true. Honest. Fair. They inspire confidence, know how to keep secrets. Somewhat selfish, very stubborn and eccentric. They do not seek wealth, but they always have money. Emotional. Cold to unfamiliar. Critical, famous for sharp tongue. They stand for justice, they know what they are fighting for. The case is completed. Victory usually goes to them. They make good leaders, revolutionaries.


Year of the Pig


The pig (Boar) in the eastern calendar is a symbol of the "good old days". Character chivalrous, gallant. Helpful, but to the extreme scrupulous. She can be trusted, she will not sell. She is naive, trusting, defenseless, peaceful. Pig has few friends, but she keeps them all her life and is ready for great sacrifices for them. Women of this sign are wonderful hostesses. They have a lively character.A pig will never cross you if she loves you. From a material point of view, the Pig will always find everything necessary for itself. Popular wisdom says that "the pig is always given nourishing food with a thought back so that it becomes fatter." Alas, the Pig needs to be careful, it happens to be abused. The same will be in the field of feeling. She is often loved, but not less often - fooled and disappointed. Under the benign look of a pig hides the will and power.

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