Effective chocolate face masks

Chocolate is not only a favorite delicacy, but also a useful product, and in all respects. And it can be used for cosmetic purposes to prepare effective face masks.

The benefits of chocolate masks

How are chocolate face masks useful? They have the following effects:

  • Intensive nutrition. Chocolate contains many useful substances that penetrate into the deep layers of the skin and saturate the cells of the dermis.
  • The composition of this product includes natural oils that deeply moisturize dry skin and allow to retain moisture, preventing its premature evaporation.
  • Glucose, which is present in chocolate, normalizes energy metabolism and helps to restore the structure of the skin.
  • The product contains B vitamins, and they are involved in many processes occurring in the body and normalize intercellular metabolism, thereby improving skin condition.
  • Natural chocolate can give the face a beautiful shade of light tan and thus even out the color and mask some defects.
  • Masks increase the tone of the skin, tighten the oval face and help fight the first signs of aging.
  • The product strengthens the natural barrier of the skin and protects them from the effects of external negative factors.
  • Chocolate contains natural antioxidants that neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals, stop premature aging and oxidation of tissues and prevent cell mutation.
  • Masks from such a product have a softening and anti-inflammatory effect, stimulates tissue regeneration.
  • The delicious aroma of chocolate is a nice bonus, pleasurable and mood-enhancing.

General recommendations

Before you make chocolate facial masks at home, consider a few important recommendations:

  1. Choose only natural product without artificial additives. It should not contain flavorings, preservatives and food additives.
  2. Only bitter dark chocolate is suitable, the content of cocoa beans in which exceeds 50-60%. And the higher it is, the more benefits will bring masks.
  3. Remember that chocolate is the strongest allergen that can cause undesirable reactions even when applied externally.To avoid consequences, preliminarily perform an allergic test, inflicting a small amount of the product on an elbow or wrist and following the reaction.
  4. Chocolate-based masks are not suitable for owners of oily skin. But you can supplement the main ingredient with other ingredients that are designed to reduce sebum production.
  5. Before using masks, you can prepare a face to increase the effectiveness of the products. To do this, peel using a scrub, and preferably natural, for example, coffee.
  6. Perform procedures regularly - once or twice a week.

Effective recipes

We offer several effective masks:

  • If the skin type is dry, then sour cream will be a good addition to chocolate. Melt 50 grams of the product in a water bath and mix with two large spoons of sour cream. Apply a mass on the whole face, leave for twenty-five to thirty minutes. Wash off with warm water.
  • If the skin is combined or oily, then mix three tablespoons of the chocolate that has been brought to a liquid state with two tablespoons of crushed sour berries or fruits, for example, green apples, cranberries, and oranges.This gruel is aged for half an hour, washed off first with warm water, then cool.
  • Effective nourishing mask is done this way: about 30 grams of chocolate melt and mix with yolk. Spread this mass evenly over your face, hold for twenty minutes and rinse.
  • For a normal and problematic skin, a chocolate mask with the addition of cosmetic clay is suitable, which is chosen taking into account individual characteristics and actual problems. Chocolate needs to be melt, then put powdered clay into it to get a fairly thick homogeneous paste. The composition is distributed over the face and aged for half an hour.
  • For a fading and mature skin, a classic mask based on chocolate, which will get rid of wrinkles. The product should simply melt to the state of liquid sour cream and apply on the face, as well as the neck and décolleté zone. After forty minutes wash.
  • Another good recipe - a mixture of melted chocolate and ground oat flakes (can be replaced with ready-made flour). This mass is applied to the face for thirty minutes, and then gently removed with water.
  • Try to make a vitamin mask, mixing equal proportions of honey, melted chocolate and olive oil.Add a few drops of liquid vitamins E and A, apply the mixture on the skin, rinse after a lapse of forty minutes.
  • Try making a cocoa mask. To do this, add a small amount of warm milk or cream to the natural powder to make a thick mass. Apply it on face and leave for half an hour, then rinse.

Chocolate masks - it is useful and pleasant. Do them regularly to become more beautiful and younger!

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