Effective exercises for slim legs

Slender legs - this is the cherished dream of absolutely every woman. Each of us wants to look good, wearing a short skirt or dress, rather than hiding in pants, hiding the "irregularities" of the figure. If you want to have legs that women will envy and admire men, read this article to the end.

To get beautiful legs you need to get ready for a long and not very simple job. But believe me, if you gather all the will into a fist, and under no circumstances will you quit training, the result will simply amaze you. Perform the proposed set of exercises as often as possible, and you will fulfill your desire.

Set of exercises

1. Squats are a classic exercise. They are considered the most effective exercises for our feet. During sit-ups the muscles of the buttocks, the hamstring, the quadriceps muscle and others are involved. In order to use squats, they must be performed correctly. We become smooth, the back is straight, slowly we begin to squat to a right angle.We do not bend our back, we fall as low as possible. Hands hold arbitrarily, preferably at the waist. We perform 20 times, if you are a beginner, but if you already have experience in the field of fitness, then squat 50-100 times.

2. We do lunges. The back is straight, the legs are together, with the left foot we take a step forward (40-50 cm from ourselves) and at the same time we lower the supporting leg (right) forming an angle of 90 degrees. This is also a squat, but with this they will also use the calf muscles and the back of the thigh. We do the same for the right leg, 20 times for each leg.

3. Mahi. Stand up straight, find the support (it can be a chair, a table, a door jamb, whatever) and lift the straight leg to a right angle. One hundred times on each leg.

4. To perform further exercises, you will need a mat or mat. We lay down on the right side. And raise the left foot to the right angle, 50 times. We repeat the exercise for the right foot.

5. Remove the pelvis. We lie down on the mat, put our feet at a distance of 30-40 cm from each other and bend them at a 90 degree angle. The legs should be positioned so that the distance between the heel and the buttocks is minimal. We begin to remove the pelvis, while keeping the abdominal muscles in tension. 30-50 reps.

6. Scissors.When performing this exercise, not only the leg muscles, but also the lower abs work. We lay down on the back, arms behind the head, legs straightened. Then we raise them to a height of 20-25 cm above the floor and perform crossing movements, 60 times.

7. In many women, the inner thigh is the problem zone number 1. Therefore, it should be given special attention. Starting position as in exercise 6. Next, raise the straight legs to 90 degrees and part them aside until we feel the tension. Do not do exercises with jerks, everything must be done smoothly, but with force.

8. Running and jumping rope one hundred percent will transform your legs beyond recognition. These exercises will help get rid of excess fat, and tighten the muscles. So take note of this.

Slender legs will not only transform your body, but also make you proud. It's so nice to look at yourself in the mirror and understand that your work was not in vain.

If you spend thirty minutes a day on this set of exercises, you will be able to see the first results in a couple of weeks. So do not waste time!

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