Effective ways to remove chewing gum from clothing

Chewing gum has one major drawback. Very often she can stick to clothes, moreover, at the most inopportune moment. Those who happened to be close to the attachment point of the sticky mass are not immune from such troubles. Tearing off chewing gum from clothes is not easy, especially if it took some time. Meanwhile, there are many effective ways to get rid of gum painlessly.

Just take it and stroke

We put a piece of cardboard under the fabric in such a way that the gum comes into contact with it. We set the temperature according to the label on the label and iron. As a result, chewing gum will be on the cardboard.

Boiling water to help

With jeans, as well as products from a fabric that is not afraid of boiling, you can remove gum with boiling water. Enough to fill them with the place where the sticky mass is, let the water cool down slightly and begin to scrape off the chewing gum with any sharp object.

For more delicate fabrics, you can use hot tap water.First you need to hold the place of contamination under the stream of water, and then try to clean the cud by using an old toothbrush.

Gasoline and solvents

Making sure that the fabric responds normally to gasoline, you need to fill the stain with a small amount of it. Washing after applying this method is mandatory, otherwise from the smell of gasoline just do not get rid of. An alternative to gasoline will be alcohol.

You can also use a liquid for removing varnish or acetone. It is worth considering that this method is not suitable for delicate fabrics.


Using liquid soap

Having squeezed out a little liquid soap on a place of pollution it is necessary to rub it into a fabric. When the soap is absorbed, it remains only to scrape off the chewing gum with a blunt knife, and then stretch the thing.


Chill in the fight with chewing gum

After placing the soiled thing in a plastic bag, we send it to the freezer. It is important to ensure that the bubble gum does not stick to the package. After freezing, it remains only to get the thing and as soon as possible to scrape off the cud. If the chewing gum melts before it is completely removed, you can re-send the item to the fridge or use an ice cube to freeze.

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