El Fanning in the drama about the wrong side of the modeling business "Neon Demon"

The fashion industry only seems to be an attractive place from the side - this will once again remind us of the drama “Neon Demon”, in which the main role went to El Fanning. The story revolves around a blond, little-haired, little-haired little girl who came to Los Angeles in search of money and fame. However, the official poster of the new work by Nicholas Vinding Refna tells us that this is not just another physical and mental suffering in the spirit of “Black Swan”, but rather ... a mystical thriller. In the picture, the heroine El is bleeding; But if she is a victim or, on the contrary, a she-wolf in sheep's skin, we’ll find out in the summer (the world premiere of the film will take place at the Cannes Film Festival, and the tape will be released in June).

By the way, Keanu Reeves is declared in the credits, so if you manage to notice him in the trailer, tell me at what point - we, no matter how hard we tried, didn’t find it!

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