Emotions over the edge: when a gift is given to a child

No wonder all the kids love Christmas and New Year so much. These days, the parents in the form of Santa fulfill their most cherished dreams, no matter how complicated they are! But their reaction is priceless. Children rejoice as we adults do not even know how ...

Live gift

Many of us dreamed of a dog. And many were not lucky - parents repeatedly refused to start a puppy. But the New Year is a time when various miracles happen. For example, parents suddenly give up and give a real gift of a dream!

By the way, this is the case when one gift can kill all the hares. That is, forgive, please all children. Look: these kids are so delighted that they don’t need anything more from Santa Claus.

It's not a dream

It seems that the boy could not even imagine in his dreams that he would get such a big toy superhero! For joy, he just laughed and slapped his cheek to realize that all this was not a dream.

Having not even fully deployed, the boy already understood everything.To be honest, we were even a little scared for him: what if he starts to choke ?! But parents quietly continued to continue to shoot everything on camera. And the guy from delight even forgot to say thanks.

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