False image

False imageHard case: a false image is taken for your true "me"


Even worse, if the partner demonstrates the image of your image as your true "I". I have already described what happens when the chosen one turns out to be an ego-centrist. But the most difficult situations arise if he is an authoritative, controlling person, a manipulator. Such people want everything to go according to their scenarios. They unconsciously, but by all means avoid dealing with a real person, with their needs, desires and aspirations. This is not love: there will never be intimacy between you, because your real personality will be suppressed. I note that it is very difficult for puppeteers to make people change.


False image. And you will sooner or later become tired of the behavior unusual for you and manifest your true self. The partner will be shocked, will feel deceived, betrayed, will become enraged. A serious spat is inevitable. It is very sad that the acquaintance with the true "I" of a man often occurs after the wedding. Because of the unwillingness of the powerful spouse to actually look at themselves and embark on the path of change, such marriages often end in divorce. Be yourself from the first day - and you are not threatened with such an outcome.


If you are insincere, it is unlikely that you will attract a sincere person.


Later we will talk about the consequences of dishonesty or ambiguity. In a nutshell, it is the cause of unhealthy attraction: and you are not attracted to those, and those are not drawn to you. Be honest from the very beginning, and there will be no ambiguous relationship. Genuine attracts the true, and the whole aspires towards the whole. The fake is forged, as is the lie-for lies.

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