Fashion editors and their "crown" things

Franca Sozzani: Printed Shirts and Low Heel Shoes

The permanent editor-in-chief of Italian Vogue since 1988, Franck Sozzani, is elegance itself, embodying in its image that femininity that is now more often found in paintings by Dutch artists than on the pages of fashion magazines. Sozzani has a pedantic approach to styling (she is always perfect!), And in clothes she has a patriotic commitment to Italian brands, but without pretentiousness or coarseness. And yet Sotstsani will never meet on high heels - she prefers to them a low heel- "shot glass".

Franca Sozzani

Franca Sozzani

Suzy Menkes: branded hairstyle and bright coat-dresses

Suzy Menkes is a fashion legend who absolutely doesn’t care who thinks about her style, but she just has a comment for any loud fashion event. By the way, visiting the latter, Menkes does not change his hairstyle (we did not understand how to characterize it: a wave at the crown or a “comb”?), As well as a fashion rule that your coat should always be bright, noticeable and attractive, like all those dozens of models that Menkes boldly "walks".

Susie Menkes

Susie Menkes

Karin Roytfeld: skirts-pencils and black transparent lace

Roitfeld is the first to throw a stone at someone who says that women should dress moderately with age. At 61, Karin is already a grandmother, but her favorite outfits are still the ones that draw in her mind the image of the femme fatale in tight skirts, black skin and sheer lace. The last Roitfeld actively practices for evening dresses, which do not hide the underwear.

Karin Roitfeld


Kate Lanfer: Rocker T-Shirts and Black Shoes with Skinny Jeans

Maxim magazine editor Kate Lanfer is easily recognizable in any street style collection from fashion weeks — this slim blonde follows a Nordic style of dress that contrasts with her deliberately lightened hair color. Lanfer prefers not to go beyond the black-and-white-gray scale, but he likes things with a “peppercorn” - rocker shabby leather jackets and T-shirts with the emblems of groups, and shoes wear exclusively black and narrow, whether it be ankle boots on the platform or black pumps.

Kate lanfer

Kate lanfer

Shala Monrok: neon colors and shiny shoes

A member of the international team of the magazine Dashi Zhukova Garage Shala Monrok on fashion weeks regularly gets into the lens of photographers due to its unusual style, which would most likely fit the banal definition of “bright”.Shala loves neon shades and ethnic prints, so its style is not boring. Another distinctive feature of Shaly is an attachment to shiny shoes, whether it be ballet flats or sandals, but certainly with sequins or from metallized leather.

Shala MonrokShala Monrok

Giovanna Battaglia: large sunglasses and cropped trousers

If we are talking about the Italian style, then Giovanna Battalyu, who works on fashionable sections in W magazine and the Japanese edition of Vogue, is impossible not to mention. Giovanna loves experimenting with colors, prints and shapes (for example, she can be found in over-fitting dresses, as well as in over-sized overcoats), but has been committed to certain things for several years in a row. Among them, for example, massive sunglasses, covering half of the face (very much in the spirit of the profession of a fashion editor!), And cropped trousers of various styles.

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