Trendy haircuts spring 2014

Trendy haircuts spring 2014Soon the happy time will come again, when we can say goodbye to bulky headdresses and surprise the world with our stylish haircut. But which ones will be the most fashionable in the spring-summer 2014 season ?! Look at the world podiums.


Whichever haircut you choose for yourself, remember - it should decorate you. In the coming season, natural colors, short haircuts and asymmetrical bangs are relevant. Do not forget about the classic - long straight hair, short bangs or wavy strands. The trend of the season - shaved whiskey. Remember the scandalous Miley Cyrus and her new image? Here it is and navigate.


Fashionable haircuts spring-summer 2014


Spring is a time of renewal. Adjustments are made not only in the wardrobe, but also in appearance. In the fashion of maximum naturalness. At all fashion shows, stylists tried to demonstrate their understanding of naturalness. For some, it’s just loose hair with parted hair or slightly sloppy curls with a side parting. Some models looked charmingly with “disheveled” curls.They look spectacular on long and short hair.


Fashion for the sixties walked not only on world catwalks. Hair stylists suggest cutting their hair as short as possible. In the rebellious sixties shortened not only skirts, but also haircuts. No milled strands and curls, out of hairstyle. Haircut lines should be clear and concise. The ideal length is slightly covering the ears.


The advantages of such a haircut are obvious - it fits girls with any face shape. It is easy to lay, and if you wish you can always change a minimalistic bow to a romantic one - just use curling tongs. Recently, many Hollywood stars got rid of a considerable length of their hair: Emma Watson, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, and others.


Trendy haircuts spring 2014


The most fashionable haircuts of the season


We focus on femininity and choose asymmetrical bangs. What could be more sexual than the languid gaze thrown at you from under a long bang?
You can complement the romantic image with the help of soft waves. This hairstyle is popular for several seasons. You can do it yourself, without resorting to the help of stylists.Using a special pad for the hair dryer and a small amount of mousse, you will get “perfectly” disheveled hair.


Smoothly combed hair is another beauty trend of the next season. And the hair should be not just smooth, but literally polished. Smoothes either the entire length, or only at the roots. The tips of the hairs are deliberately fluffy.


Trendy haircuts spring 2014


Hairstyles in the Greek style do not lose their relevance. But thanks to the designer house Dolce and Gabbana, the hairstyle is supported not by a thin lace, but by a flower wreath and headband with gold coins. This spring you can try on the image of the ancient goddess, without the risk of being convicted for excessive pretentiousness.


Actual hairstyles for spring


Hollywood chic of the thirties once again seizes the world catwalks. The era of jazz, chic and glitter offers us incredibly feminine and sexy images. Side parting, soft curls and a bun on the back of your head will give you a damn attractive vintage gloss.
If your hair length allows, you can braid yourself braids. Popularly careless grunge weaving, side braids tied in a knot (a la Scarlett O’Hara and Grace Kelly), and thin braids decorated with feathers.


Trendy haircuts spring 2014


Asymmetry is popular not only in haircuts. Asymmetrical hairstyles are also seen on the catwalks of the world. Curl your hair and comb it to one side. Leave one side smooth and curly the other. With this hairstyle, you will definitely be the center of attention.


Fashionable shades


This season will reconcile all: blondes, brunettes and even red. Because the main color of the season includes all these shades. If you do not want to completely repaint the hair, try to paint only the tips. He does not give up his position and ombre - he is still in demand, only now he gives a little gold and pleases the eye with subtle transitions of color.

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